The newly discovered artist in me!!!

I had always dreamed of painting. Oil painting in particular was what interested me the most. But I could never get myself to pick the brush and venture out with the color palette. Maybe what i was waiting for a GURU to guide me 🙂 . But sometime back, when we were in the process of moving from Jaipur, I happened to quit my job. Now with time on hand i just happened to talk to a friend about my desire to do oil painting….. and there within no time…. I ended up being at the right place…. with someone to guide me….. and also encourage me…. that i “I CAN PAINT”…..

Here I am sharing some of the work that I did in her expert guidance….. 

This is my first painting…. She told me that before I get on with anything else I must practice my hand on a landscape….. It is quite amateurish…. but i still like it 🙂 . Though I would rather not have the hut there…. 

Here is the second one…. After the first one, I was so in love with the feel of oil colors and totally in love with the art…. So to select what to paint next was so difficult for me… even more difficult than painting it. When I selected this one I was very apprehensive. This was painted on a greeting card.  But I still decided to go ahead…. and I am glad I did!!!
I think this one is going to be my favourite for a long long time to come :D. Just for information, this is not Radha-Krishna, but it is Krishna and Meera. 
(To be continued……)

2 thoughts on “The newly discovered artist in me!!!

  1. Wow !! The Krishna one does not look like of an amateur painter !! It is a master piece…

    Mere liye bhi ek paint karo…another copy of the same one will do since you have already refused to part with the original 😦 Sob..

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