My baby has four short legs, a cold wet nose, and a long body that loves to snuggle me! ♥

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
Tiny… n she still has that same look 🙂
      My day begins with the wag of your tail and I close my eyes watching you sleep like a baby.  You are my rainbow and my sunshine 🙂
    off course Puneet not being here you have become not the center of my world but my world itself. And yes its not just me who misses him, I think she misses him just as much. Even if she is deep asleep and I happen to say “Punna!!”, she will wake up and be very alert. But off course she has much sharper senses than we humans do and it also takes her very less time to know that it was a bogie call.
    Once I remember Puneet was supposed to come back home sometime at 3.00 am, and since I close the door to my room while sleeping,  I was not sure if I will hear the bell ring. So, I told him to call on the cell or land-line and kept both phones by my pillow. And guess what??? Even while Puneet’s vehicle was at the crossing only, this little girl woke up and was wagging her tail and barking for me to open the door. 
Dude and the dog 🙂
            I have alwyasssssssssss loved dogs. In fact i remember as a child i used to go gaga over them. I believe they are the most beautiful creature god ever made and the perfect friend for us humans. 🙂

   We have had many dogs at home since I was a young girl. But this is about my little baby “TIpsy”…. though that is what i named her if i call her with all my heart name does not really matter to her…. my heart calls and she always responds. may not be her mother but I am her mommy 🙂 And believe me I call her by all sorts of weird names. 

Tipu in her shelter… she used to love it. But having bought new furniture we had to say good bye to this 😦 
    I got her to share my loneliness and I tell you she has done an awesome job. She follows me from room to room. And in case she decides to watch the door, every now and then she will come up to me and see what I am up to. (even now while I write this she is sitting right beside my chair 🙂 ) She jumps with me when I am happy and crazy and lets me pat her if I am in a sober or sad mood. Just knows what I feel and what I need. And no she does not only take care of me but she also ensures that I take care of her. She reminds me when its time to feed her, or when we need to play with the ball. She knows I tend to be forgetful and lazy too 😛
   And yes do not go by her tiny size!! She is the best guard dog you can ever think of. When I think she is deep asleep all it takes her is less than a second to react. And just in case there is some unwanted sound (which most of the times is insects or lizards), she will not sleep unless it stops and will neither let me sleep :(. Even if someone just comes near the house she is on high alert. 
“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.” 



    This little baby was 27 days old when she came into my life and filled it with so much joy. She does not speak but she understands every word I say and responds. She can tell me what she wants by just looking into my eyes. She understands the meaning of words like sorry and thank you. She will also come and thank me after she has had her food. I do not know how it works, but it is magical. We share such a bond (my husband thinks its all about food I am unnecessarily attaching other emotions… men i tell you : P) While going for our walks I just love the way she looks back at me when I look at her… right into my soul through my eyes 🙂

errr!! yoga… not me…. I just like to run after the ball and chew on my toys 🙂
     She is four and a half now… but the way she jumps at the sight of the ball is incredible. All that she wants from me (except for food) is a game in the evening. And it is so much fun watching her go crazy….
Hey! lemme concentrate on the paper 😉
“Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer.” 

   Every time I go somewhere and return home she greets me like we are meeting after ages. Will pick my slipper and make me run after her. I love coming back home and I know whether it was rough day or a good one, my best friend will be waiting for me and will ensure that I declare the day nothing less than “awesome”! 

   Having a dog is a blessing. I cannot ever express in words how I feel for her. Only someone who loves dogs just as much can understand the feeling. Many a times when I am having a conversation with someone who has a little baby and they are telling me something about their child, every now and then I feel like saying, “Oh! my tipsy also behaves like that”. But I manage to stop myself just in case someone minds it that I am comparing a dog to their child. And I can never make them understand that it may be  dog to the world but to me it is just like my child. Even if tomorrow I have a baby…. my first baby will always be her :).
      They are our babies that never become adults. Even today when she falls ill or will not relish her food the way she usually does, my heart sinks. If you have not had a dog in your life you surely have missed a lot. They make you feel on the top of the world. They love you like you have never known love. Its a big commitment but it surely is worth it. 

“A Dog is the only thing on the earth that will love you more than you love yourself “

6 thoughts on “My baby has four short legs, a cold wet nose, and a long body that loves to snuggle me! ♥

  1. Hi this is beautiful stuff !! Loved reading it… really very well written !!! Kudos.. Keep it up & going…
    I have a better tile for snap of Puneet & Tipsy… “Cool Dude with the Hot Dog” 🙂

    1. in that case you can think of getting a pup. The kids will love it and sheeba ma’am too since she will see him grow from a small pup into an adult dog wont b scared and in no time will herself fall in love with it. With these awesome u really have no choice but to love them 🙂

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