Fakir by Ruzbeh N. Bharucha…. I recommend :)

I heard about this book first time while I was in Jaipur. I had enrolled for a pranic healing course and our instructor for the course recommended us this book. The kind of book lover I am and plus in my pursuit of spirituality, I immediately made a note of the recommendation. The course got over and then I got busy with certain other things. And one day while buying another book at flipkart, I saw this same book in my suggested readings. Now why I tell you this story is because this book which also talks about divine guidance, connecting with the divine and how to improve your spiritual quotient, I believe came to me through divine guidance itself. That time I ended up ordering instead the sequel – The Journey continues. I am still to read the sequel. Now my greed for books is such that as soon as I hear of a good book I immediately order it ( to my husband’s distress :-P), but it lies in my book shelf for quite some time before I have some time to read it.

So finally when I left Jaipur, and was living with my parents for sometime, I had all the time in the world and I went on an extensive book reading spree. Now again a friend suggested me that I should read “Fakir”. So after finishing what I was reading, I decided to start “Fakir”… finally. But unfortunately…. it was yet not time. I started the book and realized I had the sequel. So now again I had to wait while I placed the order and received the book.

Now this book is a must read if you have a bent towards spirituality. Also if you are someone who wants to know what spirituality is all about, this one is for you. But it would require you to have certain amount of faith, for this book to be able to convey the message to you. It talks about karma, about rebirth and about how we can make the best of this life so that we nullify our karmic account. It also talks about being a channel of the divine and healing the world. The author, I heard is himself a channel of Sai Baba, and all through the book I could feel that divine is himself talking. It seems as if the divine channeled this book through the author. The messages in the book are so simple and yet so profound.

The book also talks about the importance of meditation in our life. It explains the process of meditation and also how we can connect with the divine by meditation. This book is a treat for the soul. It is certain to make your life better if you can follow it even partly. It talks about simple things like… importance of lighting a dia, or an incense stick, power of prayer, forgiveness, etc.

It will surely have an impact on your life. For me I am going to keep this in my bedside collection and read and re-read….. Here I share some very beautiful quotes from the book…..

“Either do what your soul really desires and if you can’t, for whatever reason, then make peace with yourself and accept your present situation, with grace, as the will of the Lord. There is no other way son…”

“Pain is the greatest gift God could give his child, because it is pain that opens the door to compassion and love; and it is only compassion and love for all of creation that opens the doors of paradise and God consciousness.”

“You pray for the right things and God has to grant them to you. Thus pray for strength and wisdom and love and compassion to go through life with grace, humor and positive surrender.  That is the best prayer.”

“I am always by your side, when you think of me. If you want me by your side every moment, then simple think about me every moment.”

The rest I leave for you to read in the book….. you will just love it 🙂

PS: I will soon be back with the review for the sequel to this book…. “Fakir: The Journey Continues”


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