“A Dog’s Purpose” ….. must read if u had or have a dog or if you are a dog lover :)

I beleive that books that are meant for us come our way somehow…. and it is something like love at first…. a very strong desire that says wanna just grab this one asap. 🙂

I was once surfing through Facebook and came across a very beautiful quote related to dogs….. I do not remember what it was about at all… having liked the quote I checked who posted it and that is how I came across the title of the book. The name of the page intrigued me and i moved on to check it out. And then I realised that it was actually the name of a book 🙂 Do check out the facebook page and you can like it too


So the book lover in combination with the dog lover in me had the immediate thought…. I wanna read this NOW… So i surfed some more to know what the book is about and reviews.. though going by just the name and abstract I somehow had made up my mind.

Ordered the book through Flipkart… and thanks to their awesome delivery service the book was in my hand by the third day.

And this was one book which I would have not  let wait on my shelf….

Goes without saying that the author indeed seems like a big dog lover… how he has captured each expression and the feelings and thoughts which I could so well connect with.

How many stars I would give this one?…. ummm on a clear beautiful night the complete sky loaded with bright shinning stars from this completely mad dog lover….

There were so many times in the book where I had tears in my eyes, goosebumps, that lump in my throat…. Many a times my heart would overflow with emotions and I would wake up Tipsy(my darling doggie) and wanna hug her and tell her how I love her, off course to her utter dismay on waking her up from her beautiful dreams. It was a beautiful journey and I wanted it to go on forever and ever….

The book can only be experienced and if you love ur puppy ( mine will always be a puppy to me), you must get this at the earliest.

Having read this book I have come across a wide range of books on dog’s which have been added on my “want to Read” list.  Would be returning again sometime soon with another book review.


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