perfectly imperfect….

At three, whenever i colored I could never ever manage to remain within the lines, as our teacher would instruct us. No matter how much i tried i dirtied my notebooks at some or the other place. It was so difficult to keep it perfect. Now I am thirty three and no matter how hard I try I always spill the tea while pouring, always spill the vegetable on the gas stove, and even now bang into furniture so hard that last year on my 33rd birthday I managed to fracture my toe nail.

In my teens I hoped that it was an adolescence phase and that I would become better…. 13 turned into 23 and even now the story remains unchanged. Off course in my heart and according to my dad in my mannerism I yet am a 3 year old.

Hmmm…. I am a clumsy girl…. I spill… I drop….  I hurt myself every now and then… but yet I am perfect. What is important is that we end on a wow!! End that class on a wow!! End that meal on a wow!! End that cup of tea on a wow!! End each day on a wow!!

No matter how hard the way has been, how many pebbles or how many puddles…. what makes a journey is  that it ends on a beautiful view and then it does not matter anymore.

So when I am making that cup of coffee which is perhaps the simplest one could do, I may spill the milk and then spill some coffee and sugar, and then burn my hand :P, and in the end while pouring it into those beautiful mugs…. again spill some more…. errr….. but then it all would loose meaning when the one it is made for takes the first sip and goes “wow”…. and for me perfection is not in not spilling or not falling…. but in that “wow”…. that comes from the heart.

I love to have a routine… wake up in time and then 1…2….3….4…. until i sleep. But then I also love to hit the snooze button. I love to catch those extra 10 minutes of sleep, which later make me run to make it in time. I have a schedule to follow…. but I love to get carried away every now and then. I love to sit and just gaze into nowhere. Love to sit in the sun and look for infinity at that tree, the birds, the squirrels and just nothing.

I am lazy and every day I may not make something exquisite… but the day I get to it…. the best becomes better still 🙂

Perfection is not in being “as good as” someone….. but in a bigger wow every next time. So when i run… I do not run to compete but to feel good. I am an individual and in this world everything is perfect in its very own ways and so am I.

What is a perfect moment? Where the smile comes right from the heart and shines in our eyes. What how when where are just simple statistics.

Which day is perfect? The one where you wake up with a smile and fall back with an even bigger beam. The one where in spite of all things going wrong you remain good and yes smile…. and make others smile as well. Happiness is not in getting g it right always… but in giving the best of you… always.

Which was the most beautiful day… it surely was not the one we extensively planned… It was perfect because it just happened to be. It generally is a day full of surprises. Some old lost friend calls up, on a hot summer afternoon rain gods show mercy ( against weather forecast), finding money in a place you kept it and forgot. Had you gone about planning it and wanting it to unfold just perfectly…. it could have even been a disaster.

And when this attitude finally dawns on you, you realise that you are perfect cause you even accept your imperfections as  perfection. Life is not a competition but a beautiful experience. Do give in your best but not to the point of heartache. Whatever you do just ensure it does not steal your smile. because smile is what makes it all perfect.

I do not know if it all made any sense to you… but to me it does and I’m surely loving it 🙂


4 thoughts on “perfectly imperfect….

      1. Ruchi………….you still have a knack to amaze me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it Mastan

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