Experiencing natures Most Beautiful Miracle….. And the Beginning of a Beautiful Journey

“The best thing a girl can be is a good wife and mother. It is a girl’s highest calling. I hope I am ready.”
Nancy E. Turner

Yeah that is the journey I am talking about…. being a mommy… and I think I must be ready that is why god blessed me with this. God knows our hearts desire even before we know… and he also knows what is best for us and when. So I have always believed in being happy with whatever comes our way….. Que Sera Sera…. What will be will be…. My favourite song right from childhood 😀

Have enjoyed every moment of the past 8 years….. DINK (double Income no Kids) but off course my income was only good for my pocket money… and now wanted a sabbatical…. a long one…. so perhaps this could not have come at a better time. Being at home I always wished some company…. and now I have the perfect company to keep me on my toes :)….  God does have perfect timing 🙂

Life is a beautiful journey…. and if you really learn how to live it… perhaps it will be all of a vacation. I have enjoyed and relished my journey… all of it… the good and the not so good and there is no bad or  ugly.

But now I am all set to begin a very very beautiful phase of my life. I have always relished being a girl (yes I am a girl till I die ;)), and perhaps the most beautiful gift to us is the ability to give birth. Until now I never thought so much about this because like I said… I was on a vacation and on a vacation you just enjoy. But now ever since I came to know of this beautiful soul growing within me the inquisitiveness made me read, search the net and read even more. And I can just not stop admiring the beautiful process  designed by nature taking place right within me. Two such tiny cells… come together and unite… the beginning, the process and the beautiful result thereof is nothing less than a miracle. It is so awesome to think of what your body is capable of doing. Every now and then I cannot help but stop and think of all that is happening within.

The journey off course did not begin on a bang. For a very very long time I just could not believe that I had really been blessed…. especially with no symptoms…. except for lot of fatigue. Off course I did realise later that I was not really missing out on anything 😛 But then Bollywood has always given us a picture of a woman running to the loo, or fainting off just like that… just before the good news arrived, so cannot really help but expect something similar ;). So it was only when I saw this tiny little thing on the ultrasound machine…. which got me goose bumps and teary eyed…  that I finally could not stop beaming from eye to eye. And then eventually somewhere into the 10th week the baby decided to make her presence felt…. off course for a very very short while…. before I enter the most beautiful period of my pregnancy – the Honeymoon period 🙂 (4th, 5th and 6th months).

I am anxious, I am excited, sometimes nervous, worried… But most of all I am very very grateful to the almighty… I wish I could meet him and show him how much. Can feel his blessings being showered on me.

Look forward to motherhood. Hope I come up to my own expectations of being a Cool mommy 😛 Once again… Que sera sera… what will be will be. So for now will just relish this feeling, because now is a present to us… and in the blink of an eye it will be past us.

ummm… blessed always 🙂 🙂



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