The Pregnant Traveller.

Pregnancy makes you very apprehensive… of what you eat… how you sit… how you lie down… for everything u get stuck at to do or not to do. Likewise when we were planning our one month long vacation home I was very apprehensive as we were to travel almost a thousand Kms by road including some hill journey. Off course in a day we did not travel more than 380Km which was on the best route and we did take good rest and recovery breaks in between.

I took up my journey in the second trimester, I am not sure how rough it would be in the first trimester, but surely it is not something I would have wanted to do. Not that I had any nausea or any other annoying pregnancy symptom, except for lots of fatigue, for which I would really not complain cause I really enjoyed my long… really long nap throughout the first trimester. But yes taking such a long journey is not something one must plan in the first or third trimester, off course third trimester I am yet to experience.

Because of our sweet little doggie we have always traveled by road. And also because we avoided stopover we use to travel even 12 to 14 hours a day. But pregnancy is a completely different story and you realise it only when you get to it. After I spoke to my doctor and checked online about traveling in pregnancy and got a green signal I was not even half prepared for what was to come. Not to scare but to prepare yourself you ought to know and follow certain things. In the first leg of our journey I took it all too casually and was so tired after the journey as if I ran a marathon. But just by following these simple steps i saw how comfortable my travel became. Most of these you will get at other places as well but just to put them together…..

  • Do not, and this I believe is most important, sit with your feet hanging down. I would sit cross legged on the chair or put my feet on the dashbo0ard. In the first part of our journey I was feeling too awkward putting my feet up… have never ever done it before and find it a little rude… dont really know to whom… but that was the reason I got severe swelling in my feet and cramps all over my legs giving me the feeling of having run a marathon. So please take this one seriously and you would be very comfortable.
  • We women have this habit of getting anxious way too much… and especially when the driver is our very dear husband. Getting anxious would not really help and in fact you would get tired even more. So just recline your seat and with your feet up just sit back and relax and enjoy some good music. Looking through the side window is less stressful than to look through the windshield. But off course the husband too needs to ensure his driving does not make you too anxious. Like me maybe you can write down the rules for your hubby before beginning the journey 😛 …. and off course keep reminding him once in a while…. men after all have a short memory 😉
  • Some pillows and cushions to support your back should be good. Carry some along even if you do not feel you need them.
  • Carry good amount of drinking water and keep sipping even if you are not very thirsty. With the air conditioner running you would not even realize when dehydration strikes.
  • Take breaks as and when you need them. At least one in about 90 minutes. Since you need to take in lots of fluids you would surely need loo breaks. But do be careful of the hygiene conditions. And whenever you do take a break walk around and stretch yourself.
  • Do carry your stock of healthy refreshments. Some fresh juice or milk shake/ hot milk as per the weather, fresh fruits, etc and yes some chocolates would be good too 😉 .  It is not very good idea to eat at roadside unless you are sure of freshness, quality and hygiene.  Moreover in our case with my doggie we had very few choices, mainly the drive thru that we could eat at.

So with these small things kept in mind, some awesome music and lots of chit chat, after all long road trips are to catch up on like never before… no TV, or any other communication devices which actually hamper communication 😛

Wish you a very happy Journey!!! 🙂


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