Classic Ruskin Bond Vol 1…

Off course most of us have read stories by Ruskin Bond back in school. But text books and reading for pleasure are two different things. And a complete collection of Ruskin Bond, with such awesome stories back to back is surely a treat to a book lover. And like me and my sister were discussing one day… Ruskin Bond and rains go so well and off course to complement it further maybe a hot cup of tea (yup Ruskin Bond is more like tea than Coffee) 🙂

I do not really classify Ruskin Bond as fiction because there is something very real about what he writes. The way he portrays the small Indian town, people living therein, makes it sound like a true story. And in fact in this particular collection…. The last story “A handful of nuts”, actually speaks about his own phase of life where he is going through the struggles of being an author.

Ruskin Bond stories are a beautiful light reading. The simplicity of his writings is what awes me the most. The stories/ novels in this collection are:

The Room on the Roof, Vagrants in the Valley, Delhi is not Far, A Flight of Pigeons, The Sensualist, A Handful of Nuts.

The names really do not reveal much about what the story is about. Each novel is a different color. At no point do you feel a repetitiveness. Each story is beautiful in a different way. I cannot state which of these is my favorite as each is so different from the other.

Ruskin Bond stories somehow has a flavor of nostalgia. A nostalgic feeling for the time gone by. They transport you into a different era.  Loved this one and look forward to reading many more by Ruskin Bond. I am no literature expert to review such an established author… just a note… as to why I love Ruskin Bond.


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