Love Couldn’t be more blind

I have not seen you, not met you, know really nothing about you… but I am already helplessly and hopelessly in love with you. I keep thinking about how I would want you to be… What color eyes, what color hair…. and I cannot think of anything cause perhaps it really does not matter how you look and who you are. I think of what I want to do with you, what I would want to say to you, our conversations…. but again it is a blank book and it really does not matter…. All I want is just to be with you.

But off course with my belief in the cycle of birth and death and life after life… I know we have been together many times… and destiny once again brings us together again. That beautiful moment when i shall look into your eyes and when your tiny hand will clasp my finger… forever it will be once more….

You come in my dreams every now and then…. and I wake up not remembering a thing but just feeling so awesomely good. People tell me you are gonna take away my sleep forever…. but have you not done that already and how badly I want to loose my rest of sleep as well… spending nights caring for you or just watching you sleep.

My favorite books these days are the ones on childcare and parenting…. cause they help me day dream of all the lovely things we would be doing together. I love to picture the beautiful journey ahead, off course I know that it is going to be even more awesome than my imagination.

You have no idea what you do to me when you make those somersaults in my tummy…. It is the most beautiful feeling everrrrrrr…. And I wait for it all day… as the books tell me that you are most active when I am least active…. I make it a point each day to take a break from routine to feel your tiny ticklish kicks 🙂

I can write like a million pages about my love for you and yet I wont have expressed myself completely and yet there would be as much more to say….. Just grow strong and even more stronger… you have some more peaceful time at hand before you make your grand entry and I fill up your life with my unstoppable hugs and kisses….

Loving every moment of waiting for you my darling…. see you in some months 🙂


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