The Fault in Our stars… By John Green

To start with how I got to reading this book… Ever since I have been pregnant I have gone about watching every movie that is being screened in a theater nearby. Have this application on my mobile…. called book my show…  and check it every Friday for new releases.  So one week I found the movie inspired by this book and was in love with the trailer. So I asked my hubby, but knowing his taste also knew what a torture a romantic sad story would be to him, and thus gave him the offer of rather buying me the book. My constant purchase of books off course is never approved of by my hubby (perhaps only a book lover can understand), but for once he jumped at the proposal…. which according to him would be a much cheaper alternative (off course I very well knew the monetary aspect was just a good justification :P).

And thus thanks to the awesome online bookstores the book was in my hand in two days. And after a very long time a book did not get much time to rest on my book shelf.

It was after a long time I got to reading a fiction. Since wisdom did not come in the form of a tooth or otherwise, so I thought perhaps books shall help somehow, so I generally am more inclined towards non fiction.  Yes have been reading Ruskin Bond but that as per me is not pure fiction.  And like any good fiction this one took me just four days to get over with. Had I been reading this book sometime before I got married I would have been even faster… perhaps 2 at the most. Not bragging about my speed at all but how captivating the story is.

The book gives such an insight into the mind of cancer patients. The two lead characters are terminally ill and the author has so well captured the feelings for someone who sees a dead end. I would not say I could relate completely, cause one can never unless one goes through it… All we can do is perhaps empathize. Have always heard and known about the pain of cancer patients and the ones related to them. But the beauty of reading a book is that it makes you experience it all. You actually go about leading the lives of the characters while the book lasts and for some time after as well. And when the book is as emotionally capturing as this one it leaves a lasting effect.

It is a beautifully woven love story between these two cancer patients. And it offers you a beautiful cocktail of … laughter, tears, goose bumps, giggles and that warm feeling when you read a beautiful romance and yes suspense. You cannot guess what would happen next, and anyways I generally don’t even try. A very fast paced book and will not make you feel at any point that it has been dragging too much.

Loved it thoroughly. And would recommend it to anyone who is a romantic at heart and also an extreme emotional person.

Happy Reading!!

PS Now that I am done with the book…. I think I will get my hands on the DVD as well 😛


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