And the Time passed me by…….

(This one was written sometime at the end of ninth month… n such was t sequence of events that it never got published then and it is only now when my angel is 5 month old that I am able to re-visit….and i must put it on record that while I am doing so am also dreamfeeding my doll simultaneously…..  anyhow publishing though much late….)

We landed in Bareilly in March…. and before I knew it I was pregnant. I had heard that pregnancy lasts for nine months….. but now when I look back somehow it seems difficult to beleive. Perhaps these were the shortest nine months of my life. It is only now that i feel that time has stood still but then i know it would be a different story when I look back. But yes I think the last stretch is always the toughest… the last of a race…. The last few minutes before you meet your sweetheart… And similarly this last one month of pregnancy. so much to look forward to…. I feel like singing all the rhymes I know and learning some more. i have been dreaming of this little bundle of joy for the past 8 months and maybe even before that… but now I need to divert my mind cause this feeling is making me go insane 🙂 Off course the world knows it…. what a beautiful feeling it is.

I know the future holds days and nights that run into each other… so much so it would be difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. i know the days of the carefree sleep are gone…. But I am so much looking forward to all that. I have already lost my sleep and anxiety is at an all time high…. Look at the calendar a hundred times a day and maybe more.


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