From a new mommy on Mommies day….

This one of course is to my mom but more than that it is also about the awesome feeling of being a mom. What a life changing experience it is and an out of the world feeling… divine love and pure bliss 🙂

My mom has always been very very special to me and always will be but being a mom myself has changed a lot for me. And I am so glad to have got the opportunity to experience this beautiful feeling. I have never taken my mom for granted… she is too special for me to do that. Yet no matter how much I love my mom but the sacrifice she has made from the very moment I entered her womb is something that only experiencing it myself could have made me realise. What it feels like to love your baby and the depths of the love of a mother.

The very day you realise you are pregnant you become very very cautious of every tiny step you take… what you eat… what you think… what you read…

Where small bruises would take days to heal after my c-section I seemed to have  healed pretty fast. As the anasthesia wore out it was not the pain that pained but the fact that I was not able to hold my baby. Like mom use to tell me… “once you see your baby all pain shall vanish”

I have always been loved a lot but for me I do not think I have ever loved another being like this before. So selflessly..  wanting just nothing in return…. just want to give more and more… I try to keep expectations away from all relations but this is an all new feeling. Everytime I have this rush of feeling for her I also happen to think of my own mom.


Feel ever so grateful to god for having made me experience this.

I have not seen a full nights sleep in ages… yes it starts in pregnancy itself… What i miss even more are the luxurious bath times… but just one glance at her and my heart sings …. “what a wonderful world”

Pregnancy and delivery makes every limb in your body ache at some or the other time…. but just one smile from her and all I have is heartache 💗

Being a mom is like a whole new birth… your body goes through so much transformation. You loose so much of strength (But surprisingly yet you feel so strong). Life changes all together. Your sunrise and sunset is centered around your little one waking and falling asleep. You get tired keeping them amused all day and yet whem they fall asleep you miss them.

This undoubtedly is the best feeling in the world… I feel privileged to be a mother and  I hope and pray to god to give me the strength to be a good one…



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