Beginning our Weaning journey…


So finally on 24th of june after much thought put into it we finally began our weaning journey. I know the story does not start from here but only now is it that I am finally able to take some time out and put my thoughts here on my space. I would surely very soon take out the time and also write about the beautiful journey for last six months.

So coming back to weaning… yes I had lots of confusion… traditional weaning or baby led weaning… when to start…. what food item to start with. My dad always tells me thank goodness we had no internet in our days. The information somehow tends to confuse us more… but then it is really upto us to make the appropriate choices.

Pumpkin Eater
Pumpkin Eater

After putting lots of thought to it I decided to have my own approach to it… starting with mashed food… not pureed just mashed and probably in 10 days or 2 weeks time as I shall introduce a second meal will start with baby led weaning.  Will write more about it then. Why I decided on this….

1. Maybe somewhere in my heart I wanted to feed my baby… it feels good. But at the same time also want her to connect with her hunger and food which happens better in blw… So probably doing this way to satisfy this inner desire.

2. I was not very confident about blw for two reasons

one that how would a child know that food is to be eaten. But got my answer to this one. Since babies learn best through play when they are given the food they will play with it and will eventually take it to their mouth and in the process realise that this toy tastes good and eventually also that it can satisfy hunger.

second doubt was that how would the child’s digestive system handle a bite size piece. Or rather to say that a mashed food would be less work for the digestive system than a bite size piece. Have not found any explanation for this as yet, will surely update.

Another very helpful source for me was and also the author of this site was very helpful to share her personal experience with her daughter for whon she did a mix of traditional and baby led weaning.

So with this we began our weaning journey. For a first food i settled on pumpkin. Lot of people found this very funny I myself did. But at the same time I was very strongly convinced that this would make a very good first food. Because it is light to digest… inspite of its size… it tastes decently good so child is not put off.

I had also ordered online a booster chair for her. Will write later why a booster chair vis a vis high chair And shall also review the one I bought. As luck would have had it I got her chair delivered the very same day… 4 days before the expected delivery date.

The first day of weaning went very well. She loved the pumpkin and proved that she is a foodie like her mom.

I am very excited with her journey into the world of food and shall surely share my experiences of weaning amd other parenting issues.

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear from you or help you if I can in any way….. I understand how overwhelming it is to be a mom and to make the right choices for our little angels 🙂


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