Go with The Flow….

Life with a baby is very very unpredictable. You hope that baby will sleep in the afternoon and you too would get some rest… be assured it won’t happen. Like just lately I planned to devote some time to my blog. Since she sleeps by 9.30 I was very happy that I can easily devote maybe an hour or 30mins… but just when I planned it all probably she too felt that bedtime needs to be pushed to a little later.

As the proverb says… you can take a horse to water but can’t make him drink it… mom can only make the right atmosphere but can’t make the baby sleep.

Randomness is the essence of my life. My love for plans has vanished… because plans only lead to fruatration with a baby. Go with the flow… read their moods and you will be very happy trust me.

I was sitting and thinking how the day flies by. No I cannot say I am very busy… just that I am booked. she would be all chirpy and playful until I decide maybe I can manage some work while watching over her.

Even my blog I just manage after she sleeps and that too on my mobile… hope those who read will be forgiving the mistakes and blunders of this mom.

Anyways so the point of this whole long story was that I had intended to write something… not as random as this one…. something more planned and alas!!!! My good intentions and plans are not enough anymore to drive this tired mommy to work. So maybe another day…. can’t say tomorrow… no more planning…

By the way being a mommy rocks.. Randomness accompanied by giggles and smiles is super cool 🙂


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