A Six Months Young Mommy

You were born out of me and for me it was a rebirth. You gave me the beautiful feeling of being a mom. I am still the same and yet all new. Thank you my doll for coming into my life. These have been my most beautiful six months ever ( yes inspite of long days and endless nights). And this is just a beginning… so much more happiness on the way…. fun times all the time… 💖💖💖

It only seems like yesterday when you were born and my whole existence now has only one purpose to love and cherish you. How and when did the time fly away and i fell so deeply madly in love with you. Life was never so busy and never so much fun. It is happiness all around.

With you I see gods miracle everyday. How from the tiny being that could not even move her hands now you take those tiny leaps… trying to crawl… falling with each step…. and yet getting up again even more determined….. u cry cause you put in so much effort and yet you fall….

You wake up each day with your sunshine smile and make it beautiful even before it starts…. It feels so good how you find comfort in my arms… how your eyes follow me…

There are days I want you to grow up fast so we can have so much fun together and there are days when I want to hold on to this happy happy baby. I cherish you every day every second… yes sometimes my body is not able t match the level of your excitement ( nuances of being a mom at 34 😣). But I promise I try my best for I know you are growing very fast. Very soon on a tomorrow I am gonna miss today.

I know you love being in my arms… you love me carrying you but you have also started loving the fact that you can stand on these tiny feet. So I wanna hold you all I can and carry you in my arms until your legs get stronger and you are running and flying….

So here is a big cheers to a six month young mommy and a baby who has been on earth for half a year 🍻


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