Make Your Pregnancy A Time of Pure Bliss

Pregnancy is perhaps the most beautiful time of our life. Zero responsibility and showers of love and pampering. And it is extremely important that so be it For the sake of the life that you are nurturing. The impact of what you do and in what mood you spend your pregnancy is tremendous.

Of course it is not possible for the lady to work this out herself. The better half has a very very important role to play. To understand the hormonal stress the body is going through and also how her body and life are going thrpugh a major change. My hubby off course has a very important role to play in making my pregnancy the best it could be (of course he told me a zillion times that he hates pregnant women 😂).

Ensure you spend the days of your pregnancy doing things that you wish to add to your babies taste. Like I wanted my baby to have a love for books… so I read a lot many (and bought even more). Off course its a beleif but why not if it had make even a teeny meeny impact.

In one of the books that i read about pregnancy namely “spiritual pregnancy ” the author had shared her spiritual practices during pregnancy and the impact on her babies. I being a very spiritual person myself and having seen the miracles of faith, off course wanted my baby to have an inclination. Cannot say if it is so but yes I do see a calmness about my girl. She is a very happy baby and smiles most of the while. My daily practice of meditation and breathing excercises surely show their effect. And also for the overall well being of the mother during pregnancy, breathing excercises and meditation is something that I highly recommend.

Not only do these practices keep you healthy and fit during pregnancy but also help you cope with the stress during those early months. Do plan a regime for yourself during the pregnancy… yoga… nature walks… hobbies… etc

One thing that I missed out on but would suggest is take a holiday. My pregnancy being very late in life or so people kept reminding me (i dnt feel a day older than sexy sixteen 😍)…. and I therefore avoided travel. But if health permits you and your gynaecologist is fine with it do take a good vacation.

I have a love for movies especially watching on the big screen, so I watched every movie released in those 9 months… sobered down in the ninth month though. Now its been 6 months n the only movie I managed to watch was with multiple breaks and at home. But no remorse as I have done it to my hearts content.

Especially if this is your first baby do enjoy yourself as much as you can cause after a baby it will take a long time for life to be something similar again. Off course you will love the new life more than anyone can tell you how much. Love n happiness would be redefined 😍

Your state of mind has strong impact on your baby in the womb and outside. So remain happy and teach the young soul to be happy!!


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