Ready to explore the world

Catch me if you can
Catch me if you can

Some 6.5 months back a little angel had walked into our life. And today that tiny baby still as tiny is moving all over the house at a speed mom dad cannot cope up with.

Weeks back when it all started it was such a pleasure to watch. We would applaud and cheer and now she has us on our toes.

Initially just pillows at the sides of bed had keep her safe and she would crawl within. Then she started looking beyond and we brought the mattress on the floor to reduce the risk of falling down from the height of a bed. First few days she could not manoeuvre herself off the mattress and put a self restraint to stay within the boundaries. Ocassionaly she had sit on the edge of mattress n roll over onto the floor… followed by an episode of crying. But now two weeks later she is a pro in getting off the mattress. And every time she had get down she would turn around and see “all right lazy bums whose turn is it this time to come and get me”.

Of course it does not end here. So for a few days again her boundaries were self defined to within the room. But today all boundaries were finally shattered. She followed me whichever door I went through. And now the whole house is coming down. Hubby and self were in fact thinking of packing up everything not in use to create more space and lesser possibilities for accidents.

The speed at which she crawls just gives us enough time to catch our breath before we again need to pick ourselves up and chase her. And mind it getting up from a mattress on the  floor takes a lot of energy.

She holds on to tables and tries to explore the contents. Me and hubby joke that the way she takes out everything she can reach to seems like she is in search of something. We still have some time before she learns to stand herself up and cruise around with the support of furniture.

It is a marvel to watch her explore things. How just about everything fascinates her.

And it awesome how being a mom changes you. Once upon a time I was very possessive about my things especially my books. But now this mom can’t stop admiring this cute little devil. The devil who again seems like the most beautiful angel at the end of each day….

Waiting eagerly for the tiny steps….


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