Seven with a Bang

Ever since she was born there have been constant changes in her. Mostly good… learning new skills. And most of the changes are not even noticeable as they are so gradual. Like I only really realise that she is growing when I see the so long pajama is just a 3/4th now 😂

But what happened on the 29th of May when she completed her seven months and started her eighth was like a big bang… my super happy baby suddenly became cranky and clingy. And mind it yes it seemed to have just happened overnight. Wherein earlier she had only cry for food or sleep now there was a constant whinning. So when I thought I had all in control and mastered it all…. there was an all new angle to it and I had no idea what to do. And the most important thing required to handle this change in her was heavily lacking in me…. yes patience 😂

So first obvious thing to do was to rush to the doctor. I have rarely taken her there and generally hate visiting doctors but here i needed a reason even if not a solution… but the doctor just said… as long as she does get pacified it is completely “normal”…. and normal was just not what it seemed to be… a baby who would only smile, laugh and play was whining without any reason.

So obviously the next thing that occured to us was teething…. read all over the net… symptoms were close. So next i searched her mouth but neither did I find any sign of a new teeth nor any soreness on gums to show one was about to pop up….

And so I was yet not satisfied. The problem with us google generation mom’s is that we need an answer else we remain restless. So again the search began. And there I found it… supposedly some growth spurt at around 36 weeks… also being experienced by other mommies 😈 and yes there was hope at the end of a tunnel only we did not know where it had end.

Its been almost a week today… so a cranky baby also led to an extremely cranky mommy and then I gathered myself up and perhaps she too did the same and yes it seems to be wrapping up. The only thing that helped us sail through was babywearing. She would want me to carry her all the while. My arms fail me is one thing also the work around house gets completely ignored. So sometimes in the sling or the mei tai I would wrap her and carry on around the house. She would be quite and rested and many a times the crankiness would fade away post wearing her. Or if that did not happen she would sleep while I carried on my work at a slower pace. Will write more about babywearing and why it is a life saver,especiqlly so if you have no support.

So now almost a week later the craby canky baby is going away and my smiley happy doll is coming back… she is still clingy but that too will get better I know.

So to sum it up… being a parent is not gonna be easy… it is fun but also challenging. Milestones perhaps not just for babies but even parents to cross. And there is only one mantra that solves it all…. patience. And i need so much of it!!

Thanks for reading and in case you are in a similar situation not necessarily 36 weeks… hold on…. they are just bumps… more power to you 😀


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