This Anniversary we celebrate Being Mommy Daddy!!


So this 27th July we complete 9 years of being married ( not saying happily cause it is a beautiful cocktail of happy very happy andn rarely some not so happy moments). And at the same time 2 days later we complete 8 months of being parents to beautiful Myra.

A baby changes so much in a marriage. She has become centre of our life and so obviously everything each conversation is about her. We do fight because of her but what is beautiful is the feeling of sharing our love for her.

We have been leading the love birds kind of life for 8 years. Contrary to what people say… we were never bored of each others company. We had a baby cause we wanted to share this experience as well in this lifetime. Life was always great and now it is beautiful beyond words.

And when two people care about each other perhaps they should not miss out on being parents. It is a beautiful journey. Watching this little life grow…. from that very tiny dot that we saw on the first ultrasound… to this beautiful doll who has us dancing to her music 😍😍😍

Right aftet my delivery I was so eager to meet hubby and share with him what I was feeling. In that half drowsy state there was not much conversation I could hold… but our smiles were enough to exchange what we both felt.

I have not seen him as happy ever….

For the few days I was in the hospital… everytime he would see her and how his eyes would light up. He could not hear her cry even for a second. So every time it went on for more than say 30 seconds he would take her and soothe her…. and what magician he was…. In fact in those first two months there were times that she had be calm only in his arms… no mom or grandmom would do.

I always knew he had make an awesome dad but seeing him as a dad has been perhaps one of the most beautiful part of my married life.

Marriage takes a whole new meaning as you struggle your way through those first few months…. of sleep deprivation… long nights and very short days…. endless feeding….. It also brings more warmth in your hearts as you see your litte one sleep… and smile in their sleep.

Still remember those early days after parents left and it was just between two of us. Days when I had completely loose the strength to make her sleep and hand her to him. After finishing my kitchen chores I had come back and see her sleeping in his arms…. Or those days when I had wait for him to come back from office just so I could hand her to him and catch a few minutes…. yes minutes of sleep.

And also I loved to have him back home to see his excitement each day on meeting her after a days of work. And how she also lighted up on seeing him.

Earlier we use to have so much time for conversations. Now we have moments…. after she sleeps at night few minutes before I am under nursing arrest…. sometimes in the car on way back from an outing if she dozes off… or when we all sleep in whispers so she does not wake up….

For years to come we are going to hold these memories and moments in our heart. Perhaps these will be the days we would love talking about most. She brings us together and binds us in love like never before.

Yes being parents is not easy… especially I think a wife demands a lot from her husband as a father. But I was especially lucky…. my husband not only shared her responsibilities but also kept my spirits high… helped me deal with post partum harmones and encouraged me to workout. He made being a mom so much easier. I complain every now and then but only I know how thankful I am to god for such an awesome life partner and also an awesome dad.

Though Myra clings to me now… but I know in days to come she is going to be her dad’s biggest fan. It makes me feel so good…. thinking of this beautiful future that awaits us.

Our first anniversary as parents…. we both are reminding each other… because we both know how dates are slipping by…. we are excited but its a completely different kind of excitement. No particular plans for celebration… just rejoice in each other’s company…. rejoice our love and the beautiful family we are now.


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