Joys of Mommyhood

IMG_43676685197173I started working very early on. Every opportunity I got to earn a pocket money I grabbed. Taught tutions, distributed brochures during college days, taught in kindergarten, taught in a school and yes of course working in a corporate and later teaching management students. I enjoyed my work always and sitting at home was never very good for me.. not for long at least.

But of all the jobs I ever did the most  awesome thing  I ever did or am gonna do is taking care of this little baby. Being a mommy I feel is such a beautiful privilege. The days are short and so are nights as I am very tired  (but yes some nights are very long 😝).

Yes you really cannot compare taking care of your chid to working but then for me work was never a compulsion… l worked cause I loved what I did. Money is always good but than money was never the top consideration.

But motherhood is absolutely different. It is a 24 by 7 job. N you get paid in just pure love. Your every day is so typical and yet so different. Days go like clockwork…. it is demanding and so rewarding.

So challenges make your work interesting… n being a mom has multiple challenges. Even simple tasks like bathing and putting on clothes has a challenge. 😂😂😂😂

I was always very fond of kids but had no idea that bringing them up is so much fun. Most mom’s tend to scare you and now I wonder why. …

Of course financially its not viable,especially given how I shop for my little one… but yes i would have loved a house full of kids. Four seems like a good number.

The days are running out fast. She is growing. The baby is gone and the infant would slowly turn to a toddler. This little butterfly will soon spread her wings and explore the world. My job as a mother would change… yes she will need me for many years to come but not as much.

I will forever cherish these most beautiful days of my life. I know the best is yet to come… but THIS is just divine. Someone I met lately told me that the best perfume in the world is the smell of your baby. How right is that? Love to hold her close and sleep. Love the purity and innocence in her smile and laughter. Love her inquisitiveness. Like a little creature from another planet who is so captivated here. Even in the moments when she drives me crazy all it takes is just one gorgeous smile from her to make me smile from the bottom of my heart.

Being a mom makes you feel so special. It is such a beautiful feeling to be given so much importance from a little soul. I am sure even though most moms complain of their baby being clingy… they just love it in their heart when against the rest  of the world they want you.

There will be tough times as a mom but relish your days because they are never gonna come back. Even now when she is just 9 months, looking at her pics makes me miss that tiny baby we got home. I wanna hold her all I can…. carry her in my arms as much as I can…  because she will never be this baby again.


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