Winds of Change

It rained of and on for a few days and today we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. Clear blue skies and a refreshing breeze. It happens like this every year… the hot humid weather suddenly changes and its time for yet another winter. These same winds suddenly also bring on the summers. But I just love this change of weather… the point where a new story unfolds it seems… something new waiting at the other side….. a new romance… a beautiful love story 💖💖

Summer and winter both in North India are extremes. So we do enjoy them for a while and then they become unbearable and I hear myself saying every winter oh i love summers please go away winters and vice versa in summers.

But now I know what I love the most…. autumn and the spring. Autumn more perhaps as it is the time of many festivals as well and especially now with this little doll in my arms I am so excited to celebrate.

Today after winding up the morning chores and before I put her to jer mid morning nap… I wore her in my mei tai and took a walk outside… the breeze on our faces and the warmth of sun on our skin. We were both unusually silent… enjoying the weather… the clear blue skies amd the trees dancing around us.

This perhaps is the time when I most enjoy this way too huge house, called a bungalow and referred by me generally as the bhoot bungalow  (haunted house). Oh no it is haunted only by us…  will tell you more about it another time but yes the huge garden it adorns… is of use only now in this beautiful weather. And on those cold winter days blessed with some sun.

So while we walked… both in our own thoughts (i really wonder what goes on inside that cute little head )… i was remembering this time last year… 7 months pregnant and what a beautiful time and feeling. Around this time I use to just like this take walks outside with her in my tummy and now it is just the same… the same smell in the air just that this little doll is in my arms.

Life is so constant in ways and yet so wavering all the time.

Anyways how so ever it is… life is beautiful and never been as beautiful as it is now. This new mommy is constantly on the seventh heaven.

Cannot stop humming…. i am on the top of the world and looking down on creation and the only explanation that I have is the love that I have found ever s8nce you have been around 😍😍😍


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