My Child won’t Eat-book review


I never had a doubt that my little girl would be a good eater, but somehow I was just compelled to read this book and I am so glad that I did. Do not go by the name for this book surely is not just for mommies whose kids do not eat…. this is a must read for every new mommy.

This book tells you to trust your child with food. Let them decide what and how much to eat. Fooling them to make them eat is not the right approach. Of course I am not the kind of person who could have shown her monkey or a parrot to make her eat.

Like you would know from my previous post I followed the blw way…. well almost. I helped her eat things like curd and curries which she could not manage on her own. She did handle the preloaded spoons but sometimes she just preferred me feeding her. But even when the spoon was in my hand she decided whether to open her mouth or not.

Now blw makes you lose confidence every now and then and that is what this book addressed. The book also is very useful to a new mom breastfeeding her little one… am I making enough milk?  Is my baby getting satisfied? Why does my baby keep feeding all the while? Or why does he feed for such a short while? Why is he not gaining more weight? These are the various questions that worry a new mom and are answered in this book.

Mom’s are also often very worried about weight (them not loosing enough and baby not gaining enough). The second one is again very well addressed in this awesome book.

No matter how well your baby eats there will be days sometimes running into weeks… when they won’t. There are some days when she eats very very well and sometimes diet reduces to half. So no matter how well your child eats there are times you may fret and worry. Read this and perhaps you may never worry.

Now when she does not eat I just gear myself up as I know we might have a longer feeding session.

This one is a must read and perhaps you can read it pre delivery for all the breastfeeding related advice.


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