Yayyyy!!!! We can walk!!

11 months and 4 days and my little doll started walking. It was so much fun watch her take those first steps… she would fall a million times and get up each time even more determined. We were of course happy but what gave me even more happiness was that look on her face… yayyy i did it!!!

Perhaps someone who has not had a baby may never understand the big deal about walking…. neither did I. Last year when my sil visited us her little girl took her first steps here and they were very very excited, but it is only now that I can understand what the excitement was all about.

All the milestones perhaps make you go yayyy!!! No it was never a big deal for us and should not be for anyone. They are not trophies won and every child does achieve them at their own pace.  But nevertheless a parent cannot help but celebrate when the child rolls for the first time… comes on his fours… starts crawling and so on and so forth. And celebrate you must!!

What you must not is to be overwhelmed… by every second person asking you oh can she do this… can she do that!!! Oh she is so many months she surely must be doing xyz. Just move with the flow. Do what needs to be done and the baby will take the leap when they are ready.

Give the baby as much tummy time as you can. That is the first step and that can be done right from the first week.  It helps strengthen the back and the neck muscles and gain neck control. My girl used to initially not like being on tummy much so I kept it very short and made it interesting…. by entertaining her. .. coming on tummy myself… etc. We did not start from first week as we did not know that we were supposed to. But yes post coming home my mom in law while massaging her use to bring her on her tummy. My strong girl always had good head control so perhaps I never read about this until much later when I started following it more religiously.

Once the baby starts crawling give them as much floor time as you can. But again do not think that doing so will make her walk early… she will walk ONLY WHEN SHE IS READY. Myra started standing on her own in the seventh month and by end of seventh month she had started cruising around holding furniture but it was only in the 12th month that she did take her independent steps. She did take few somewhere inbetween but that never went further.

People would tell me use a walker. But please check online and you will know that developmentally walker does not help the baby in any way. In fact it is not very good for the baby. It is not recommended to take the baby into a position they are not ready for… like making them sit too early… or stand or to make them walk. They will and must do it only when the body is ready and the muscles are strong enough. You may please read online for more technical information as to why a walker is not good.

I too at one point wanted to give her a walker as I thought it would be good that I put her in the walker and meanwhile I can do my work. But again that can be a security hazard. The walker can topple and hurt the baby and even when used must be under supervision.

Trust your child and give them all they need… which is mostly your love and attention

So I finally just let it be and watched her gain strength. My only concern was that she start walking before the onset of winters. She has done that but now I know better… I know that there is nothing I can do to stop her from sitting down. All I can do is to dress her so that she is well protected. Her desire to explore is at a peak and growing. And her sense of understanding good from bad is yet not developed. So there is no stopping her… just being around… constantly supervising.

I hope my experiences and my little knowledge would be of good use to someone.

Thank you for reading and though I am no expert please tell me if I could help someway. Afterall motherhood is full of anxieties  😀


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