I resolve…. i do!!

I do not remember if I have ever thought of a new year resolution before. But this time I wish to and also follow it till my last breath. My new year resolution is fitness for life. 2016 is the year of fitness and every year here after.

I have always been a fitness freak but took each day as it came. N my love for fitness was always related to the weighing scale. But now I am gonna change the meaning of fitness in my life.

To begin with why?? Why fitness ??

So I gave birth to this lovely angel last year who changed my life forever and also changed my body. And she also challenges my fitness levels everyday!! But now with her in my life my concern for fitness is not cause of the weighing scale but because I want to be able to cope with her… run around the garden behind her… go cycling by her side… long trekking trips…. and maybe someday when she runs the marathon or participates in a brevet… be there besides her doing half marathon probably.

Where I am starting from it is a big goal to aim for…. but yes I wanna run and I wanna aim very very big. For the little experience I have in running I know nothing sets you free like a run. It is an awesome feeling… when your heart beats so loud you feel it in your throat… and when you are almost ready to quit but you don’t and you end up doing so much more.

Anyways back to the resolution… yes fitness is my goal and fitness resulting in weight loss is going to be bonus. I want fitness to be a part of my life so my little girl also adapts it. I don’t want her to begin when the weight troubles her or doctors advice. I want it to be a part of her life like eating is. I don’t want her to be body concious… just fitness concious. And obviously when I talk of fitness I also mean making right food choices. So that is my second resolution. Right food choice and right quantity of what I eat. Anything that is made in a plant is out and most welcome is everything made of plants.

My mother in law often repeats the famous proverb… health is wealth. And I cannot agree more. There is no bigger wealth than health and perhaps this is the only wealth we must preserve till our last breath.

So we start tonorrow on a very healthy note and here’s wishing everyone in the world a very healthy new year…. cheers to good health!!


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