BLW so far…..

Its been 9 months since we started feeding solids. BLW was the best decision I made. It has not been easy but then it never is easy to feed a child. There are days when she eats and eats and I am worried what is wrong with her!!! and then we have days everything is rejected and I worry still!!

But when and whatever she eats it is a feast to my eyes to see her eat. The independence that she has and the wisdom that she shows in what and how much she eats. It is surprising but yes even a small child knows what their body needs given you let them decide… I have always been able to reflect back the reason for a change in her diet!!

My BLW child has a mind of her own. Now at 14 months there is no chance that I can make her eat something she does not want to eat. And yes that does not mean she eats all junk… in fact she has close to zero exposure to junk…. fruits are her all time favourite. She can literally survive on fruits, in fact she almost did that lately on our one week trip. It was a good thing also as hygiene when eating out is highly questionable. In fact me and hubby both did suffer from a bad tummy but she was all good all the while.

She also has a very good sense as to where to stop. Even with food that she is relishing she will at one point refuse to eat. and I have noticed that the quantity is proportional to the calorie density for the food.

Though some people say that baby led weaning entails that the child eats completely on her own but I have again kept that also as decided by her. So some days she will just not let me touch the spoon and sometimes she will happily eat from me. But yes whether she will eat or not is her decision always. I do not try to entertain her… distract her…. or amuse her in any way to force food into her mouth. I respect her will to eat.

I do not know how our mealtimes will be in years to come. Yes she may yet be choosy but then so many adults are choosy too so why cannot a child be?? I will be happy if she listens to her body and eats accordingly. And yes most importantly keep making healthy food choices. I have really mellowed down on my junk food (though i was never a big junkie). I do not eat anything that I cannot share with her. And I eat everything nutritious to set an example for her to follow…. sometimes she does and sometimes she does not. So yes the mom does have to bring in changes in her lifestyle especially if she is primary caretaker.

I am very happy for now and will surely write about how the toddler-hood and tantrums affect our eating patterns.

I would be happy to know about your food journey and something you would like to share. 🙂


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