I M Back

I have not learnt so much in life that perhaps motherhood will teach me. And yes I can already sense that. Life is a roller coaster… and don’t we all love roller coasters. This one is as awesome as any other. My day starts anytime after 5.30 (yes I have an early riser) and after that we just don’t know where time flies and it is 7 in the evening…. and we are again into the bedtime rituals.

Ever since Myra gave up all her teeny meeny naps and transitioned to a single nap a day I have no time to myself the whole day. I do get the time while she naps wherein I browse the net and read a little and catch up on a little bit of sleep(it is really very very little). But yes early to bed gives me time to relax at night (of course I am on costant standby as she does not sleep too well yet) but yes I do get to do my things. Of course now my things are all about her things. Planning things for her… activities to engage her… If it is reading it is a parenting book…. if it is hobby time i am crocheting for her…. and if I am online again I am browsing toys and books for her or hanging out on one o the parenting groups or yes pinterest which is all full of boards about rarly learning, montessori, homeschooling, etc.

So simply speaking my life is just four letters….. MYRA…. whether its day or night.

So in this roller coaster many a times I had an inspiration to write…. about a book i read…. about something new i tried for her or what we are upto generally. But then I was on a roller coaster and i had so much to read and learn. The ride is still on… but i am better equipped now to keep things in my control 😉

So today before I was just about to put my lappy to rest… I just stole a few moments to come here and write… which makes me feel so good… and say hello to this beautiful space of mine.

PS I am too tired to read and edit my mistakes… so forgive me for them. I will be back tomorrow and put them right 🙂

Good night and beautiful dreams!


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