Montessori from Start…. book review


Montessori from start is perhaps one of the most read book by those who are new to montessori. This in fact is the first book that I read about montessori.

Firstly I would say that whether or not you wish to follow the montessori method this book is an awesome read for any parent to make their child independent and fill them up with confidence. I was referred this book by a facebook friend on a group. Since my daughter was already 1.5 yrs I was very apprehensive whether to read or not. But following her advice I decided to read.

I so wish I had known about the book while I was pregnant. Such beautiful advice for a new mother. But even at 18 months this book was full of advice for me. It helped me understand my daughter so well. And understanding your child makes so much of  difference. It makes you better equipped. Especially as we enter the terrific two’s which is the age of exploration for a little one we must know his needs so we can fulfill them.

Montessori is a beautiful world. What Maria Montessori evolved so many years back holds so true even today.

The child is so eager to learn. We must not treat them like a doll or become servants to them. become a teacher to them and empower them. Practical Life skills are so very important. And when a child is able to do things on their own they feel such a strong sense of accomplishment. What may be small things for us are such big things for them.I see my daughter struggling with her shoes and such a sense of achievement in her eyes when she puts them on by herself.

She loves to carry her food tray to the kitchen after finishing her meal. Or even carry my cup of tea.

Make them a part of daily activities… like loading the washing machine… fixing meals, cleaning.

Make the most of their sensitive periods. Like the sensitive period of order…. my little girl will put my slipper back in place if it is not lying properly. every book (most of times) goes back to its shelf… before each meal we put the room right and it is so easy with her help.

These are just few of the things i have learnt in this book.

This is a must read for every new mom and ideally read it during your pregnancy so you can prepare an appropriate montessori environment for your little one.


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