I hate the word “NO”!

Following the beautiful path of gentle parenting I have always tried my best to keep away from this dreaded word. i have looked of better ways of saying, tried to distract… but whatever you may do a mother just cannot help but utter no a couple or more times in a day. For there is danger and we have an explorer!

So now at 19 months to my utter despair “no” is her favourite word. And now when it comes from her for anything and everything and even for things she would love to do but in a bad moment it seems she is just doing her best to test me, I really feel how it feels. How it feels to hear a no. A no for everything… that is what we do to these little ones or so it seems to them.

I know it is a challenge but my sincere advice to all new mommies… Keep away from no for if we do not like to hear it we must not say it too. There always is a better phrase.  Like istead of no jumping on bed… let’s jump on the floor, no pulling my hair… you are hurting me baby…. don’t throw… let’s play throw with ball. These are just a few examples. There are many such more on the internet. Keep away this word from their dictionary as long as you can!!


2 thoughts on “I hate the word “NO”!

  1. You’re so spot on with this! I made the mistake of using “no” from the beginning, and it’s been quite a habit for me to break. But you’re absolutely right that alternative verbiage is so much more effective and kind!

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