Why I have a problem with Barbie and all things princess!

The market is full of them and every little girl seems to be in love with them…. i fail to understand why! And I sincerely hope that my little girl never develops a liking for the over rated barbie.

Barbie is perhaps the worst ever toy possible for a little girl. A doll that has nothing to teach. To begin with why should the doll of a little girl have an adult woman body. There is absolutely nothing baby-like about the doll… from the clothes she wears or body she carries… or even her accessories. Perfect bodies do not exist… yes i want my baby to be fit… to be athletic and yet not be body conscious. The fitness should be a result of the right food choices and preference to outdoor sports.

Playing with dolls is good… and no not just for girls even for boys. Gone are the days with different games for boys and girls. My girl loves her cars and trucks and very soon we are gonna get some guns too!!

So next big objection I have is to the marketing companies selling everything to some princesses!!! Hello which world are we living in? Why do we all want our little girls to grow up thinking they are princesses? Why cannot we keep them more grounded. In fact I also have a big objection to all those fairy tales with some handsome prince charming. Now why does a little girl at this young age need to think about a prince… a charmer or a dud? Married and lived happily ever after…. Noooo I want my girl to focus on other things… Marriage is not the aim of life… It should happen at the right time. I see these fairy tales so senseless.

I have grown up with all these… but what did it really teach me. Fantasy is not good. Not for a child for sure for they do not understand the difference. Of course i don’t intend to teach her facts from books or make her watch news. I just want her grounded and in touch with real life, In touch with the nature. I don’t want her to think of elaborate dresses but rather play in mud in her shorts and pyjama. Soak the sun and the rain… feel textures… Dirty her hands. Run after butterflies… chase the ants… be amazed by birds…. gaze at the moon and sun and yes maybe sometimes just into space.  All things real!

Maybe I am being too dramatic about it all… but how do I hand over something to my girl which may lead to a wrong impression. According to Maria Montessori… the first six years child is like a sponge. They take in everything in the environment. So I just cannot help but be very selective of what comes close to her.

Perhaps things will change as she grows and develops a mind of her own. She may follow where I tried to lead her but she may also carve her own niche… either ways for now while I am responsible I shall do all in my power to bring the most beautiful and meaningful experiences to her. When the time comes I shall respect her wishes and let her choose 🙂


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