Being Vegetarian!

I was a non vegetarian by birth. Ever since I remember I loved eating non veg. In my house as a small kid it was cooked on rare occasions as my mother turned vegetarian when I was very young. But I always was crazy about it.
When I started my spiritual journey, I started feeling not so good about it. Also being an animal lover I felt this was such double standard. Both things made me feel I was not being true to myself.
Also when my meditations became more serious and more regular I felt that on days when i had non veg I was very uneasy in my sadhna(meditation practice). I had started to feel very peaceful and quite otherwise but on such days I use to be very restless. Perhaps it was only my guilt. But another reason could be that non veg is not easily digested by the body and hence your stomach next day does not feel so light.
So all this while I kept wanting to give up and yet kept telling myself its ok… I will one day. I knew I would!
In February 2013 I was attending a basic art of living course. As a part of this course we are supposed to not eat non veg for the duration of the course to feel the effect of the sadhna and kriya. I have participated in this and many other courses earlier. Left for a while and again started. But this time I left and I never looked back. I know I never will because now I do not feel the temptation anymore. In fact the thought of eating makes me feel ugggh!!!
For a foodie like me it was a big thing. Only someone who has the same love for food can know what I mean. Eating out was all about eating non vegetarian. So yes in a way it is good that we do not eat out so much. Vegetarian options are not so many and most stuff I can manage to cook at home.
Also initially I was worried that I would be tempted at parties or social gatherings. But I guess when your resolve is strong you get the strength to make it through 🙂
I used to many a times feel that wish I was never made to taste from childhood. Leaving it was so tough. So for my daughter I decided to keep her vegetarian…. till the day she is old enough to decide what she would like to do. She may choose to eat or continue being a vegetarian.
Leaving non veg made me feel so light. My body too never supported non veg. it used to lead to indigestion. Now I have not felt that uneasy feeling in ages.
Apart for my body my soul feels lighter too. I love animals and I feel more truthful to myself now. It has taken away the guilt I felt everytime I ate non veg. I feel pride in myself for having given up something which was almost my weakness and yet I knew was not good. I do not even eat eggs and everytime someone asks me “oh! You don’t even eat eggs” I feel so good.

I won’t say it was a easy thing to do. But only to resolve was difficult and thereafter it just happened. But what was most important was to make the decision to give up.

If you too have been feeling within you need to take this beautiful step… do it… do it now… It makes you feel good to do something good. Doing something wrong is so easy but to do the right takes a lot of energy. Is it not strange? You may give yourself so many reasons and explanations why you think you are doing the right thing… But if even once you feel that pinch… you know what you need to do 🙂

Make your body and soul lighter… forgive the animals!

All the best ❤


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