Why I fast?

Indian culture has millions of reasons to fast. I am not religious so I will not even talk about what religion I belong to. But yes I am a spiritual person and spirituality is a much bigger umbrella. Religion is something people play with for their benefit. I am not even sure what were the real preachings of a particul religion cause people have since ancient days twisted the reality to suit themselves. Anyways this is not about sprituality and religion!

So ever since I was a young girl I saw my mother fast on various occasions. I don’t know but it somehow always interested me. i loved the whole idea of fasting. We never went very hungry but yes kept ourselves light.

So now after a long while… pregnancy and early days of breastfeeding… again I was looking for an opportunity to fast. Days really do not mean much but it is just a nice feeling to know it is a special day to fast. No you surely cannot impress god by staying hungry. Only your karma will help you through that. But you surely can make your body feel good. And also I like the idea of restraining myself.

Food, especially for a woman who at one meal is thinking about what next, is such an integral part of our life. And even our eating habits are so poor. We eat by the clock not by what our body says. So for one day to restrain yourself feels so good.

I also like to add a little extra prayer or meditation time on the day of fast. Like my mother told me… when your body is heavy with food you can only be feeling sleepy. Eating light helps you dwell deeper. Also another logic my mommy had was all that time you save from cooking you can spend in prayer. Of course I do not cook so that is ruled out.

I have always found fasts to be a beautiful feeling. You bathe… you say your prayers and you eat light healthy food through the day. It is such a refreshing change. You feel light inside out. Your soul which you otherwise starve is taken care of. But you must spend the day with a feeling of gratitude and accept the grace. Look at all the beauty around you. Count your blessings and feel thankful.

Do try fasting my way… Feed your soul and no do not starve yourself. Just keep it light… detoxify!


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