Myra’s 100 Books Pact

It makes me very happy to see my passion for books reflect in Myra. She absolutely loves her books and we have multiple reading sessions through the day. I have a good collection for her (never bothered to count ). I rotate the books every other day or third day sometimes. The first thing after she wakes up and has visited the potty is to come and see what is on her reading shelf! And some books actually make her sp happy that she will shake her bum just to see them. So obviously we start the day with reading, one session post breakfast while i relish my tea, one after lunch and one after dinner. And many a times one or two books somewhere here and there.

So the aim of this pact is not to bring reading into our routine. I am just looking at sort of penning down what we are reading and share my reviews on the books that we have. And yes it will give me a good excuse buy some more 😉

So the first nine books from the pact are these:


Book 1/100 Flutterfly… a beautiful book which has no words. all black and white except for the butterfly that moves from one place to another on each page. Every time we read this I build my own story. Myra loves my funny versions. She loves this book. She loves to follow the butterfly or to watch the baby sleep with all butterflies on his pillow.

Book 2/100 Carry me Mama…. another book by an Indian author.This one has hindi subtitles too. It talks about how different animals carry their babies and also show a mom and dad carrying a little child. Myra has not shown much interest in this one yet. Though I like it 🙂 Maybe she will understand this better next year. As of now there is only one mama and she does not understand completely that everyone has a mama 😛

Book 3/100 Pyjama Time…. This is top of our current favourite list. Sandra Boynton books have beautiful rhyming which makes them interesting to little children. This one is almost like a song. But this certainly does not do the work a bedtime book ought to do. in fact this gets her all excited. It is almost like a pyjama party. Every time we pick this up it is repeated at least 4 to 5 times… and sometimes even more. Toddler’s love repetition!

Book 4/100 The Poky little puppy… Given her love for dogs and mine too I just bought this off Amazon. Nothing great but not bad either. She surely does flip through it when I take it out in a long time. It has too much of story so I just cut it short and mostly we leave it halfway.

Book 5/100 Hello, Goodbye… A very cute bear who comes and says hello to everyone and then it starts raining and its time for goodbye. She loves this book. Simplicity is what catches on a toddler I feel. This is one of the simplest books we have and she started enjoying this very early on. Also whenever we go out and she does not say hello I try and bring up this book and then she is all geared up to say hello. So also a good little learning here!

Book 6/100 Mr Brown Can Moo Can you? Dr Seuss books need no introduction i think they are favourite across ages. She only started enjoying it recently but me and hubby loved this since day 1. But now this is on her favourite list too. And it is excellent for talking about sounds that things make.

Book 7/100 Naisha at the Farm… this is a series of 9 books. Good for vocabulary building. Each book talks about one place visited… circus, market, Mall etc. The child can also connect with each place later on. We love these too again for their simplicity and they are great vocabulary builder. She is in her sensitive period for language so she loves to point to each picture and asks me to name it.

Book 8/100 Moo Baa La La La…. again an awesome book by Sandra Boynton. This is one we have been reading for almost a year now. And trust me I know this one by heart. It is an awesome book and Myra loved this one almost from start. Even now she loves it and now she too can repeat the sounds with the book 🙂

Book 9/100 the Very Hungry Caterpillar…. This is a classic but did not go very well with us. I personally too do not find the pictures very attractive.  A little bit of voice modulation did create some interest and so did all the food that the little caterpillar ate. Plan to do some activities based on this one once she is a little older… maybe then it will be of more interest.

So this is what we have on our shelf… for today and tomorrow. i will be back in another post with more books and more reviews. Hope this helps you choose books.

Would love to hear from you and know what you love to read ❤


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