Myra’s 100 book pact -2 

It has been a rough week. Bad ear infection that gave us sleepless nights. She would wake up middle of night and refuse to sleep anymore. I was sleep deprived. she managed to make up with little sleep here and there. But she did not feel the usual chirpy chirpy. Anyways, the week is over and we are much better. We made up for lost sleep.

Reading was not as usual as the whole routine was upside down. Nevertheless we did read  🙂

So here is what we have been reading lately 🙂 Mr brown can moo again was out on our shelf this week but I will skip it in my list here. It is one favourite so i just let it be again in the new rotation.And Poky little puppy just seem to have been left behind 🙂

Book 10/100 where is Amma… A book where a little boy is looking for his mother (amma). He looks all around and then finding her slippers outside the fridge thinks she is inside finishing up all food. It is cute and funny and Myra enjoys it. Will be enjoyed more i think once she is older and understands the story better.

Book 11/100 How big is a Pig… Bought this on a group that sells pre-loved books. We absolutely love it. Also very good to learn some opposites. Simple and beautiful illustrations. Rhyming words make it even more interesting to read. Good to buy this one!

Book 12/100 Naisha at the Fair… another one from the Naisha series. In case I missed out earlier, this is a set of 9 books.

Book 13/100 Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?… It is not without reason that this is a classic. A very simple book that talks about different animals. This is an awesome early read book. You may start this as soon as you start reading to your little one. Even a 10 month old would love this one. Myra absolutely loves it and we have many “once more” happening here 🙂

Book 14/100 Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs… Another Sandra Boynton classic. I think her books are popular among kids for their rhyming, simple words. Myra has no idea what are dinosaurs and yet she loves this one. Very simple illustrations, again talks about opposites and also some colours. I surely recommend this one.

Book 14/100 The very busy spider… A spider who is totally engrossed in the web that she is weaving. All animals come and talk to her she hears none, so busy she is. Helps children learn animal sounds. Myra knows them all and today she was sitting with our the lady who cooks for us, flipping pages and telling her what each animal says. And yes she also says “no” meaning that the spider did not hear 😛 Again a favourite and highly recommended!

Book 15/100 Daddy Kisses… Bought this for Myra on father’s day. Ideally this is for daddy and daughter to share. The book has different animal daddies with their little ones. How each one kisses their baby. And in the end a father kissing his child. It is yet to grow on us… But had good reviews online hence bought 🙂

That was for this week. I hope this helps someone looking to buy books and also inspires you to read to your child. Reading is indeed our favourite time together 🙂

Will be back soon with more !


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