Myra’s 100 book pact – 3

So we had a new books on shelf today. The book love seems a bit fizzled lately. We do read… mornings always start with a reading session. But through the day excitement is not as much. 

The new books on shelf today were…

Book 16/100 Twinkle Twinkle little star… thia is a sound book wiTh the complete verses of twinkle twinkle. It is one beautiful poem. Bought this pre loved on a facebook group. She loves it and there were days she made me read it almost ten times. But then I too love the poem and I loved reading it 🙂 

Book 17/100 Goodnight Moon… we have been reading this book for very long. Being a classic it did not get the response I had though it would. It is not on a favourite list but we do enjoy reading it. I was quite taken abavk when I first received the book. Graphics are so dull and boring! The rhyming is good and that is what caught on I suppose.

Book 18/100 who says woof? .. we love this one. My daughter loves anything to do with animals or animal sounds. I think all children do. 

Book 19/100 vegetables board book… she is learning words in multiples each day. So books like these are favourite. She loves to know the name of everything. 

Book 20/100 Spot my animal friends… this book is a side effect of online shopping. Sadly that is the only way i can get books for my daghter. Nothing great and not recommended at all.

Book 21/100 Naisha at the station…. another from the series

Book 22/100 Remember the magic word…. this book through a very short story emphasises the importance of using please. Though a book cannot anyway teach a child grace and courtesy, it helps reinforce what you teach. My 19 month old already uses please wherever it makes sense to her and we are pleasantly surprised. We set example and encourage her to use words like please and thank you. Cute book!

Book 23/100 Nursery Rhymes… it is a beautiful collection of first nursery rhymes. One of the first books I bought for her we have been reading this for almost a year or more now. She absolutely loves it. Nursery rhymes make awesome activities for little children.

Book 24/100 The Hedgehog Balloon… so far she learnt the name hedgehog from this balloon. And she wants me to name all the colours of the ballons. The story does not yet make sense to her. 

Since most of these books kept her mildly engaged I will change three and bring in three new tonight. 

Hope this was helpful and inspiring! ❤


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