Nostalgia Must be my Middle Name!


I wanted to get some prints of my 20 month old daughter’s pictures to put up. So i happened to be scanning old folders… and guess what within minutes I started feeling nostalgic. she is not even two yet and I already happened to be missing her baby days. The days when she did not even have a clear vision… the days when she would look around and give her beaming smile now and then… when she started standing… crawling and so on. A baby grows up too fast. and now i understand what it means when they say you have a baby for only a year.

Anyways this is not about her… it is about this nostalgia… that I experience oh so often… that makes me miss things which are not over yet. Miss a friend who has not left but I know won’t be around tomorrow. Miss a city before we have even left.And of course yes… miss the good old days!

I am not a very big fan of change. I like things to be… people to be… places to be… And yet change is the only constant in my life.

Nostalgia must not be good because it goes against my belief of being in the moment. It makes my heart run in places which exist in the past and it makes me long for them. But is there a cure? I wish there were…. because longing for sure is not a good feeling. Especially longing for what is over… and will never be. It only causes heart ache… The world is not standing still… it is moving constantly… and so we must move too. We cannot stop carrying a beautiful past in our hearts… but memories is all that we can cherish and we must know that.

I had been experiencing deep strong violent longings for past two days… and then looking at her old pictures made me even more nostalgic. Nostalgia is the essence of the week it seems….  Anyways it is weekend and I think I will celebrate the past with a glass of wine…. i cannot live in the past because it does not exist and future may not. All I have is now and this is the moment to live, to celebrate life and all its beauty and create more memories to cherish and to remain nostalgic forever.



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