Myra ‘ s 100 book pact -4

A week ran by… i was not my ususal self. Not every day is full of sparks. I was little lost so books were not changed and we just read what was around… also grumpy mood leads to shopping… and in my case online shopping. So since we love books i heavilly shopped books and am very eagerly awaiting my loot 😅

The books last week were 

Book 24/100 farm hullaballo.. a sound book. Bought it moatly because of the sound. She loves to play the sounds and repeat them. Of late we also started reading a bit. And when we talk of things happening on the farm she has that lost look on her face… deep in thoughts🤔. Take this out often on our book rotations.

Book 25/100 Say hello to the snowy animals… a very simple cute book with arctic animals. On each page we say hello to the animal and talk about what they are doing. We also shake hands. I think it is the effect of these books that when we go out she sometimes does say hello… or at least bye as by then she is more comfortable.

Book 26/ 100 Fruits… she absolutely loves this book. We have been reading this book for a year now and as a result of having gone through different seasons and having experienced each of these she identifies them and can name them. And yes she loves fruits so that is another reason why she likes this book so much

Book 27/ 100 Ears…. very simple short book. Bought pre loved and not recommended at all. She does look at the pictures sometimes but not much. 

Book 28/100 Naisha at the toy shop… another one from the nine book series. These have really enhanced her vocabulary. We call the little girl Myra so she likes to do what Myra is upto in the book. I generally always have one of these out on the shelf.

Book 29/ 100 Round and round book… this book is a part of pack of three books which are called round and round books. It has no beginning and no end and no story given. It is just pictures and you narrate your own story. She loves this book. Looks at it and loves to hear what i have to say. I am waiting for the day she will come up with her stories 😁

Hope this helps and inspires.

Happy reading untill next time! 💖


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