Myra’s 100 book pact – 5

Most books here are repeats. Kids love repitition and it makes complete sense to present to her what is her favourite

Book 30/100 perfect pets… bought this book because she loves animals. It is a beautiful touch and feel book and has been a favourite ever since we have been reading it. What i like best is the texture of tongue of the cat. Cat’s tongue is very rough and that is exactly how it feels in this book. Great for young babies too.

Boom 31/100 Naisha at the market… from the naisha series. We lov them!

Book 32/100 vegetables board book… self explanatory name. I too love this as I too learnt the English names for some vegetables for which I only knew the hindi names. A reminder how parenting is also making me grow. 

Book 33/100 little miss sunshine… a tiny board book. Love the little miss series. Good to carry on short trips too. 

Book 34/100 Animal action… this book i got as a free gift from the lady who sells pre loved book. It is an awesome book where some parts of the animal move. Many of these are broken and perhaps that is why it was given as a free book. Nevertheless we love it! 

That is all for now 😀

Will be back soon with more books from our reading shelf! 


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