Myra’s 100 book pact – 6

Been a long time since I posted. Posting two today cause i completed one much earlier but due to a bad net connection it got left out. 

We have been reading but bad weather and then she was down with cold and I was too tired end of day to think even. Thankfully she started sleeping better since last two days and I too behaving well by sleeping in time. As a mother to a toddler you really must catch on your skeep to be able to handle them the next day. 

In between all this we got two packages of books… one fromMy little bookshop. And another from a facebook group that sells preloved books. We were both very excited obviously. The one from my little bookshop was mostly books on rains as we wanted to follow rhythms and since it is rains right now I wanted to read some books on rains with her. And yes she loved them 😀

We have changed this shelf long back and are already overdue for the next change. Myra walks up every morning and is not very happy not to find anything much new. So from an old shelf what we had….

Book 35/100 Action rhymes… bought this book from a shop in bangalore that sells preloved books by weight. It has some very good action rhymes and has been very useful for me as I learnt a lot of actions from here and Myra really enjoys these now.

Book 36/100 Where the wild things are…. had been reading awesome reviews for this book since long and finally bought it. This was the first time Myra read this one. I loved the book and I think she will love it too. For now she was only busy looking at the pictures of all the wild things and watching them dance to the tunes of a little boy.

Book 37/100 Penny and Pup… a very cute story. She still does not understand the story yet loves looking at the beautiful illustrations in the book.

Book 38/100 Kitten’s furry friends… this is a finger puppet book and she loves it from the first day. It is a simple and very cute story. This book grew in her and now she goes deeper into whaT is happening at each stage. She absolutely loves this one.

Book 39/ 100 Daring baby mouse… one of my first purchase for her. Very stursy boardboom and a very cute simple story. She enjoys it as well

Book 40/100 Sleepy me…. a very cute bedtime book… the baby is sleepy and so is everything else in the house. Beautiful rhyming book. This one was a free gift from the lady who sells pre loved books. And it is really liked by her. 

That is all for now. Right now our shelf is overflowing with books. Will come back very very soon with some very awesome titles we have on our shelf right now. 

Happy reading till then!


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