Myra’s 100 books pact – 7

Again back with books on our shelf. Love rotating books as it keeps her interest alive and not having too many at one time ensures she is able to concentrate on the few available. So these were the books on our shelf in the last week. We are in the middle of moving and thus I sometimes get occupied with other things… so though we are reading not as much as we used to. 

But books still top our list of activities for the day. So coming to the books we have been reading…

Book 41/100 Spot’s big book of first words….. bought this one long back looking at her love for another spot book. Where’s spot? I wasn’t very impressed on receiving it but Myra loves it. She loves looking at the pictures naming them and it has been a vreat vocabulary builder for her. 

Book 42/100 Dinosaur Roar…. this book is from my latest loot. Got this on pre loved books group on fb. A cute book to learn opposites. Slightly early for her but yes we do talk about opposites we come across … like hot milk cold milk, small teddy big teddy. 

Book 43/100 Baby says…. a very small board book for small babies mostly. But Myra enjoys this book. Again recent purchase from the same loot. Recommended more for a 6 to 9 month old. Will be used later as well but a good book to start with.

Book 44/100 I’m not cute…. everyone tells the little owl you are cute vut it annoys him. So mom to pacify him says that you aren’t cute and then he starts thinking again. Typical confused toddler. Recent purchase and just read once….. but my 20 month old was listening intently. I do not expect much absorption… but i like it when she takes interest in stories. 

Book 45/100 Ball… a little baby in love with his ball escapes through the main door into the woods. Very cute book where the ball mives from one page to other. Myra loved hiding the ball and then finding it again. Again a recent purchase.

Book 46/100 Puppy’s day out… another of my first purchased books. Been reading it for over a year now. Very short and simple story. But simplicity catches on best with little one’s and thus another favourite.

Book 47/100 Counting kisses… oh I absolutely looove this book. A very beautiful kiss along book. Awesome bedtime read that adds more to kisses and snuggles. We have been reading it for a year now and now that Myra knows most body parts she knows where she is going to get kissed next. She too enjoys being kissed and I love to hear her giggle as she feels tickled. Absolutely must have!

Book 48/ 100 Happy birthday Spot… i love books that are inter related. And Spot series therefore is something  I am always on the lookout for. Just read this a couple of times, but this was the first time she enjoyed it as she is now beginning to take interest in stories. 

Book 49/100 Round and round book…. another from the set of three. No beginning no end and no story… picture book. She loves this one too. Good for sparkinb creativity. It is nice to see her sit with the book and go into the pictures.

So that is what we have been reading lately. We are almost halfway and I am loving this. Hope you find something good here to add to your collection. Need any further inputs please feel free to message. 

Happy reading!


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