What do I eat to loose weight?

Inspite of all the extended nursing i did not experience a magic weight loss. Of course I did not put in the efforts. So now that Myra is short of turning 2 and more importantly I having turned 36, I decided to take on the weight head on. Since I am still nursing her I did not want to do the foolishness of giving up on nutrition… hence I hired the services of a nutritionist. Now she has a wassap group of her clients to keep them motivated and I too was added there.

No this is not about my weight loos story but my shock that people and I mean well educated people beleive and hope some magic potion to work on helping them loose weight. I so frequently see people asking or posting about having xyz to loose weight. Hey wait! For weight loss you have to not eat… or precisely not eat unhealthy high calorie food. Eating or drinking something cannot make you thin. No ways! 

Food has a very important role in our weight loss… almost 80 per cent. No amount of burning yourself in the gym will give you results unless you watch what is on your plate and also how much. Eating unlimited salads isn’t the solution after all you don’t want your body loosing strength. Weight loss should be healthy too… leading to a more energetic you. Portion control is very important along with of course what you are eating. 

So do look for healthy food options instead of food that will make you thin. Sipping hot water or green tea to loose that fat…. nothing can be more hilarious….. 

You have this body to last you this lifetime… take care of it… 

I am on my journey hope you find wisdom in your weight loss journey! 


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