Another Goodbye!

For once it is not so much about the place but about the love i found here, the memories that I shall carry for a lifetime. This has been a life changing place for me

When almost 2.5years back I landed here… feburary 2014… little did i know that I would be gven the greatest gift god could have given me ever. A month later I came to know I had conceived. My joy had no limits…. I had accepted God’s wish always. I desired the blessing of motherhood often but I very strongly beleived that god grants you something when he thinks you are ready for it. 

Anyways so I have spent happy pregnancy days here…. The green quite environment has given me peaceful moments. Most of my time was spent in the house and sometimes on short walks in the canttonment. So i really don’t know much of city. Luckily hubby was free in the evening most days during pregnancy and so we shared beautiful walks… often talking and thinking about the baby to come. It is a beautiful cantt. Huge beautiful green trees… 

We were, supposedly, privileged to have an old bungalow kind of house. I have often cribbed about it to my husband but now as i go… i only carry happy days spent here. Last evening walking outside while my daughter jumped and ran around I travelled in time and nostalgia hit. I once again looked onto those tall dark deep trees…. which made me feel peaceful so often. The huge lawn… the beautiful birds and their endless chirping. It is very very quite here…. human voices and vehicle sounds are rare… so the beautiful chirping of the birds is so much louder. Also all that greenery must be very inviting as I have seen some of the most beautiful birds here. Peacocks is a common sight!

I love sitting out on beautiful early mornings when the sunlight sieves through the trees. Often I have been motivated and carried my mat to do my morning round of yoga in nature’s lap. 

I also love sitting outside when it rains… watching the trees the grass and the sky all look even more beautiful, sipping tea and of late also watching my little girl dance in the rain and relish every bit of it. 

I also loved the winter sun… the beautiful clear sky and sitting and soaking the sun. And the last winters Myra had time of her life playing in mud, and also sometimes uprooting my plants.

I loved the huge windows and the winter sun fill into the dinning hall while we had breakfast. 

Except for in the peak summers and in rains when the grass grew beyond control, i loved the house. I did have a tough time keeping things together in those early days after my daughter was born due to huge rooms and the kitchen in one corner while she slept in another. But the size and space was good when she started crawling. She crawled all over the house and all the floor time led to her gaining body strength. 

I will miss this cause every corner carries memories of beautiful days. That small room where we spent first winter saving her from the harsh cold… or the huge room which was mostly scattered with toys until she slept. The drawing room where i caught on some yoga while she looked out the door or just crawled around…. and also the dinning hall where she self weaned into a child who eats with a mind of her own. We have shared awesome meal times here and also playtimes while I ran errands in the kitchen. 

The bathrooms yes where we potty trained and awesome time splashing water. This is perhaps what hurts most…. creating beautiful memories and then having to move on when you are falling deeply in love. I know what is to come is even more beautiful…. but the heart experienced this and cannot but feel sad. 

Goodbyes are the hardest but we must welcome the new… there is a lot I am looking forward to and when we are together does place really matter? We will create more memories and leave them behind again 😊


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