Love the festival season!

So post shrad the festival season starts in India with navratras. 9 beautiful nights where devi is worshiped and fasted for. Culminating in a beautiful ceremony where little girls are worshipped as devi’s. So again the religious part of it does not bother or interest me much. But it has memories from my childhood, and most importantly I love the zeal with which these days are celebrated. I love the most the ashtmi pujan. It is so much fun watching little girls dress up early and go from door to door. Sitting together, giggling enjoying every bit of fit. 

So today i happened to be at my parents house and in the neighbourhood this day is especially given lots of importance. So early in the morning while we just woke up and were taking our dog for a walk, my little girl was invited over for the feast by a lady next door. And thus started a marathon that took her to six more houses and lots of friends and fun.

Of course my initial reaction was not a very happy one cause that early in the morning it obviously meant missing my morning yoga routine and all the prasad thereafter leading to an unhealthy breakfast. 

Anyhow being a mom I could only foresee the fun Myra was in for and it was worth it! Of course unlike other girls my little brat was in her night suit followed by a mom equally shabbily dressed. I had not predicted it to go so far. I was hoping to be back after the first visit.

And it just went on and on with the little girl holding hand with her new found friends running around forgetting mama. 

What was my kick of the day…. so at one place little boys were given balls as return favours and girls were given bags. And my little warrior princesa broke the gender barriers and demanded a ball. An old lady tried to convince her that girls would get bags… but i am glad she refused to give in 😉 

Though later what surprised me how our children are conditioned by the society and its thoughts. Another girl asked me if she were a boy or a girl. So when i said she is a girl she questioned me then why is she playing with a ball 😦  Anyways the feminist in me took the opportunity and told the little girl how gorls can do much more than boys and can play with balls and bags alike. 

I hope she remembers it 🙂 

Finally we came back home and here i have a picture of my little girl sleeping post her hectic morning. 


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