Em and the big hoom by Jerry Pinto- book review

Recently I have been all for reading Indian authors. No not Chetan Bhagat and his genre of writings where the title itself puts you off. But the more mature Indian authors. 

Em and the big Hoom caught me for the awesome reviews I read on a facebook group I follow. And the book surely did meet up my expectations. Also the title was quite interesting. The first few pages throw light on the title which is not much of a mystery. Nevertheless I liked the name. 

Not a happy book so keep away if you want something uplifting. In fact a very sad story of a family where the mother “Em” is suffering from severe mental illness, to the extent of driving her to suicide. And how amidst this turmoil her entire family takes care of her and how it leads them to a totally abnormal life. Where they dread each waking hour of their mother. 

“Hoom” is the dotting husband who compliments the turmoil of Em with his own peace and calm. He married her for love and stands by his vows till the end. Where Em is completely weird Hoom is absolutely balanced.

The book takes you in flashbacks to the meeting of Em and Hoom, the good old days where life was more normal and happy.

The story is narrated by the son, who is worried he may fall prey to similar sufferings and also at the same time wants to get inside her mothers head and into her past to know the reasons for her present state. Perhaps in doing so as well he is trying to ascertain his own probability of falling prey to depression.

A sad story which is beautiful in its saddness. Some lovely quotes across the book. Worth a reading if you can handle the saddness! 


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