Lessons from life…

We all have that eureka moment…. when we figure out answers to questions we did not ask but that were troubling us nevertheless or we find a way, a path, a learning, all on our own. 

Life is a series of tests. Tests for which we often complain we were not prepared. But sometimes we overlook the tools that god, or who so ever that supreme shinning light is in that awesome beautiful place we call heaven above, sends our way. We are perhaps in such a sulking mode that we overlook them. I look back and I see that everytime the waters got rough god always sent a float to help me reach the shore. The float provides immense strength, which helps us pass through with flying colours. And mind you the test in not for nothing. You have to be connected to observe the simplest and most beautiful rewards that come your way. 

I do not know what really destiny is? My mom told me that we can change our destiny throughour hard work. So then it is the fruit of our hard work isn’t it? Destiny is defined as the hidden power beleived to control our future. But the real power to control our future is within us… our hard work, commitment, perseverance. 

Life is pretty simple. We make it complex. We reap what we sow. Being connected with ourselves, not giving in to negativity in testing times, and constant commitment to whatever we do is what shall bring happiness from within. For the real happiness is only within. The power to make myself happy is with me. 

Smile and the world smiles back at you 🙂 


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