Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen- book reivew

I am not a literature student and not very well read especially when it comes to classics. So this review is primarily for people like me. Don’t look for any technical criticism or a synopsis of the story. The internet is full of that. This is only a go ahead signal for someone wary of classics in general.

I am not into reading the classics. Most of the times I don’t connect or I find them a drag. But pride and prejudice was on my to read list since long. How could a romantic like me miss the most romantic novels of all times.

Unlike many other times I wasn’t disappointed by this one at all. In fact I truly agree with the title being the most romantic. Such a subtle beautiful romance… I didn’t have too many expectations but it was just not how every other classic made me feel. And even when I compare it with the other books in same genre this one without doubt takes the trophy.

Even after so many years into publication it does not feel out of date. In recent times I have been especially slow in my readings. No matter what after a tiring day with a toddler I cannot keep my eyes open for very long. But this one kept me awake and I finished it in record time…. and the only reason I had slow down was because I didn’t want the master piece to end.

So even if you aren’t the kind to pick up the much acclaimed classics but you like reading romance this one is not to be missed. It will warm your heart and make you smile and of course Mr Darcy will win your heart without fail.

I read this on kindle but loved it so much that plan to keep a copy on my shelf. After this one I definitely look forward to read some more work by  Austen.


Head or the Heart

I want it but i know i shouldnt have it. It seems the easy way out but is it also the right way. It makes me happy but will it keep me happy? Have you ever witnessed this battle between the head and the heart? I think we all do…. and I surely do very often. Two most important organs of my body always wanting to run to different directions and so difficult to know which one should I follow.

Follow the heart and you end up in a mess and follow the head and you end up heartbroken. Which one is worse!

Follow the heart is what people say but can we leave our brains behind. Wasn’t life already too complicated. And why couldn’t it have been simpler. Why did heart need to give opinions when thinking and making decisions was the primary task of the head. Or is it a trick to confuse.

I try so hard to silence…. but whom do I need to silence… and if both were to be silent how would it feel and where would I go? But yes I think it would be wonderful… the silence….

I guess a toss of a coin should be a good way out next time… though I hope there ain’t a next time.

The social media…. getting personal!

I have many friends on facebook…. 350 or 400 or more maybe. But are these really friends? Most are perhaps just acquaintances. It takes a lot to be a friend. Isn’t it?  Anyways what makes me write this is my complete failure in understanding the social media… 

I am not anti facebook. In fact I absolutely love my newsfeed and all those awesome groups I am a part of that nourish and nurture my hobbies my desires… that so very often give me food for thought and bring some colours to my grey cells. There are many beautiful takeaways as well. 

What is beyond my comprehension is this craze for selfies… the celebrations which are more celebrated on the facebook… the love that only seems to be found nowadays on facebook. 

From teenagers to school going kids…. we have a selfie crazy world. Sometime back i happened to be in a shopping mall and i spotted a group of college friends…. each of them busy in getting themselves clicked. We go for an outing or in the middle of a celebration…. what is important is to get clicked. Earlier also we always clicked pictures when on a beautiful outing etc. But then the aim was to capture the moment… but now we are so busy capturing the moment that we forget to live the moment. 

What is even more crazy is the need to pass on the wishes to the one we love on a social webpage! And even crazier to spell out the love for my newborn…. this is a completely new way of cherishing relations perhaps. How about looking into the eyes of ur beloved while you utter those love notes! Or holding hands of your little one and telling them how precious they are. 

Perhaps the social media has made us more anti social! Or so I feel. 

Anna Karenina-Book review

I would like to at the onset make a disclaimer… I am no literary person. This is an epic and yet i take on the task of presenting my views. 

So this book has been on my to be read list since ages… at least 6 years that I remember. I even once got hold of a copy during a vacation. But perhaps the thickness of the book and the distractions of a beautiful place kept me from reading. Having kept the book for almost 2 months I returned it unread. 

And then i enetered phases where i was reading sprituality and then motherhood and parenting books.

This time I came across the book as a free copy on my kindle unlimited. Though eventually i took three months to read it during which my subscription lapsed and i bought a copy to finish it. 

The book undoubtedly has the finesse you expect from such a genius. The language is beautiful. The way it expresses the feelings of the characters you can actually visualise it in your head so clearly. The details to which it goes is awesome. Leave alone the famous quotations from this book, every page is a marvel to read. 

BUT…. it did not eventually go down well with me. Now as the name goes i expected more of Anna in the book. I wanted so much more of her…. to know her more ….. read more about her. The multiple characters in the book kept me from being too engrossed. The name of the book was not justified, it was not even 50% Anna’s story.

Secondly I had always thought of Anna as a strong character….. the book totally failed me on that account. The end she meets with really disappointed me. At so many points in the story i could not help pitying her, which was not what i had expected. 

Nevertheless I would say it was a good book and it did leave a mark…. for it has me still thinking about it one week later…. 

Lessons from life…

We all have that eureka moment…. when we figure out answers to questions we did not ask but that were troubling us nevertheless or we find a way, a path, a learning, all on our own. 

Life is a series of tests. Tests for which we often complain we were not prepared. But sometimes we overlook the tools that god, or who so ever that supreme shinning light is in that awesome beautiful place we call heaven above, sends our way. We are perhaps in such a sulking mode that we overlook them. I look back and I see that everytime the waters got rough god always sent a float to help me reach the shore. The float provides immense strength, which helps us pass through with flying colours. And mind you the test in not for nothing. You have to be connected to observe the simplest and most beautiful rewards that come your way. 

I do not know what really destiny is? My mom told me that we can change our destiny throughour hard work. So then it is the fruit of our hard work isn’t it? Destiny is defined as the hidden power beleived to control our future. But the real power to control our future is within us… our hard work, commitment, perseverance. 

Life is pretty simple. We make it complex. We reap what we sow. Being connected with ourselves, not giving in to negativity in testing times, and constant commitment to whatever we do is what shall bring happiness from within. For the real happiness is only within. The power to make myself happy is with me. 

Smile and the world smiles back at you 🙂 

Em and the big hoom by Jerry Pinto- book review

Recently I have been all for reading Indian authors. No not Chetan Bhagat and his genre of writings where the title itself puts you off. But the more mature Indian authors. 

Em and the big Hoom caught me for the awesome reviews I read on a facebook group I follow. And the book surely did meet up my expectations. Also the title was quite interesting. The first few pages throw light on the title which is not much of a mystery. Nevertheless I liked the name. 

Not a happy book so keep away if you want something uplifting. In fact a very sad story of a family where the mother “Em” is suffering from severe mental illness, to the extent of driving her to suicide. And how amidst this turmoil her entire family takes care of her and how it leads them to a totally abnormal life. Where they dread each waking hour of their mother. 

“Hoom” is the dotting husband who compliments the turmoil of Em with his own peace and calm. He married her for love and stands by his vows till the end. Where Em is completely weird Hoom is absolutely balanced.

The book takes you in flashbacks to the meeting of Em and Hoom, the good old days where life was more normal and happy.

The story is narrated by the son, who is worried he may fall prey to similar sufferings and also at the same time wants to get inside her mothers head and into her past to know the reasons for her present state. Perhaps in doing so as well he is trying to ascertain his own probability of falling prey to depression.

A sad story which is beautiful in its saddness. Some lovely quotes across the book. Worth a reading if you can handle the saddness! 

Magic of Christmas!

It has been a very bad week. My four legged baby suffering through a paralytic attack and then my little toddler running fever. The pain of caring for one, while the other stood and whined for my attention. It was rough to say the least. It was the countdown week to my favourite time of the year…. christmas, and yet I could not feel the joy.

 From an old pre-order online my christmas tree arrived… just in time along with the decorations. I put it up intending to keep it for 3 days and my toddler brought it down within minutes. And I lost it all.

Amidst all the chaos my heart silently prayed each day for the magic to happen. And it did happen… Today, a day before christmas when it was really not so sunny, the sunshine was abundant in my house. My fur baby took a few steps… against all hopes of my sinking heart and then later in the day many more. 

So finally I could feel the magic and joy of christmas. After all if we believe in magic it never really leaves us. It may take a few moments more to light up our hearts but it will. 

Christmas is not a festival we celebrated as kids. But the idea of christmas always had the magical feel to me. Right from the day perhaps that I read “Gift of the Maggi”…. It fills my heart with love and hope and I really know not why. I had planned to have month long celebrations and activities for my toddler but this year it could not be. But today, a day before christmas I am not disheartened. Another day, another year and another christmas…. next year. 

Meanwhile I have the tree up again for my daughter to cherish tomorrow. With a little gift… though I want her to know that the most wonderful gift is life itself…. that we unwrap each day…. and I wish her beautiful presents each day of her life. 

Merry Christmas 💓