Montessori from Start…. book review


Montessori from start is perhaps one of the most read book by those who are new to montessori. This in fact is the first book that I read about montessori.

Firstly I would say that whether or not you wish to follow the montessori method this book is an awesome read for any parent to make their child independent and fill them up with confidence. I was referred this book by a facebook friend on a group. Since my daughter was already 1.5 yrs I was very apprehensive whether to read or not. But following her advice I decided to read.

I so wish I had known about the book while I was pregnant. Such beautiful advice for a new mother. But even at 18 months this book was full of advice for me. It helped me understand my daughter so well. And understanding your child makes so much of Β difference. It makes you better equipped. Especially as we enter the terrific two’s which is the age of exploration for a little one we must know his needs so we can fulfill them.

Montessori is a beautiful world. What Maria Montessori evolved so many years back holds so true even today.

The child is so eager to learn. We must not treat them like a doll or become servants to them. become a teacher to them and empower them. Practical Life skills are so very important. And when a child is able to do things on their own they feel such a strong sense of accomplishment. What may be small things for us are such big things for them.I see my daughter struggling with her shoes and such a sense of achievement in her eyes when she puts them on by herself.

She loves to carry her food tray to the kitchen after finishing her meal. Or even carry my cup of tea.

Make them a part of daily activities… like loading the washing machine… fixing meals, cleaning.

Make the most of their sensitive periods. Like the sensitive period of order…. my little girl will put my slipper back in place if it is not lying properly. every book (most of times) goes back to its shelf… before each meal we put the room right and it is so easy with her help.

These are just few of the things i have learnt in this book.

This is a must read for every new mom and ideally read it during your pregnancy so you can prepare an appropriate montessori environment for your little one.


Monthly Gynae Check Ups… A Torturous Entertainment

The monthly gynaecologist visit is (or use to be) quite a torture. No the gynae is awesome but poor guy is so overloaded with work that we have to wait for anything from 40 minutes to two hours. And waiting is such a torture. I would refuse to go without my hubby as waiting alone is extremely tiring. And sometimes it gets too much to bear and you just feel like getting up and going back home, but then I know that I am the one who needs to beΒ  patient….. and even if we walk away today we will have to come back tomorrow.

Perhaps all this waiting business is designed to build up our patience which would be so badly needed once the baby comes. So maybe all this is a part of preparations for motherhood.

Now that is for the torture part. But on my last visit I realised it was all upto me, a little bit of change in my perception….. and I could be so much entertained. After all a gynae’s waiting room is full of women and what could be more entertaining than a bunch of women. So either you start up a conversation, and group conversations work out awesome or you can just take a very passive role and eavesdrop on some women engaged in a conversation. And yesterday both me and my husband were sitting quitely enjoying some conversation between two women. (evil no πŸ˜› but it was all in good humour)

Also watching the plight of the doctor… a male doctor dealing with women since morning. Unfortunately like most places in India the hospital here is badly understaffed and the question of working by appointments just does not arise. So I feel the doctor really needs to be awarded a big gallantry award for dealing with so many women and that too single handedly.

Once we had gone for a visit, while my check up was on he was humming to himself. Off course my husband was flabbergasted, after all his wife and little one were suppose to be in this able hands of the doctor. But then I had to tell him that I completely trust the doctor and perhaps this was just his stress releasing mechanism. And yesterday poor guy in between his patients was sneaking out biscuits. No my doctor is not at all weird. I dont think poor guy has time to even catch up on a cup of coffee or tea.

Off course I completely empathize with my doctor, but then the naughty little girl in me could not come back home and make fun of all the action inside the doctors cabin and yes off course the waiting room πŸ˜‰ I could not stop laughing and hubby dear was worried if all was well πŸ˜‰ Pregnancy hormones I tell you…. weird….. but on second thought I always have been weird πŸ˜›

Anyways, the bottom line is that a change in perception makes life more beautiful and full of laughter. And yeah its sometimes good to be weird πŸ™‚ And now I surely do look forward to my torturous entertaining monthly visits (which are soon gonna be fortnightly and then weekly). And also look forward to coming across some amazing women and their oh so entertaining conversations, until the little wonder comes around and makes me forget that the world exists…. πŸ™‚

Love Couldn’t be more blind

I have not seen you, not met you, know really nothing about you… but I am already helplessly and hopelessly in love with you. I keep thinking about how I would want you to be… What color eyes, what color hair…. and I cannot think of anything cause perhaps it really does not matter how you look and who you are. I think of what I want to do with you, what I would want to say to you, our conversations…. but again it is a blank book and it really does not matter…. All I want is just to be with you.

But off course with my belief in the cycle of birth and death and life after life… I know we have been together many times… and destiny once again brings us together again. That beautiful moment when i shall look into your eyes and when your tiny hand will clasp my finger… forever it will be once more….

You come in my dreams every now and then…. and I wake up not remembering a thing but just feeling so awesomely good. People tell me you are gonna take away my sleep forever…. but have you not done that already and how badly I want to loose my rest of sleep as well… spending nights caring for you or just watching you sleep.

My favorite books these days are the ones on childcare and parenting…. cause they help me day dream of all the lovely things we would be doing together. I love to picture the beautiful journey ahead, off course I know that it is going to be even more awesome than my imagination.

You have no idea what you do to me when you make those somersaults in my tummy…. It is the most beautiful feeling everrrrrrr…. And I wait for it all day… as the books tell me that you are most active when I am least active…. I make it a point each day to take a break from routine to feel your tiny ticklish kicks πŸ™‚

I can write like a million pages about my love for you and yet I wont have expressed myself completely and yet there would be as much more to say….. Just grow strong and even more stronger… you have some more peaceful time at hand before you make your grand entry and I fill up your life with my unstoppable hugs and kisses….

Loving every moment of waiting for you my darling…. see you in some months πŸ™‚

Oh I Love Those Moves!!

Undoubtedly the most beautiful stage of your pregnancy is when you start to feel the baby move within. Those tiny somersaults and how they tickle you from within. The feeling cannot be described in words. The whole experience of pregnancy now starts feeling so much more real.

It started with some very very light movements. I was most of the time wondering if it is for real or am I just imagining something. And now as you get stronger by the day I surely can make out your strength…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I get signals from you in form of those kicks so very often. When I play that song again and again, or eat that spicy lunch…. but the problem is that I really do not know what I am being told… Whether the song needs to be changed or is it that you too are dancing to the beats.

I never thought that I would enjoy being kicked so much πŸ˜› !!!Β  Keep it up my darling devil…. πŸ™‚

The Pregnant Traveller.

Pregnancy makes you very apprehensive… of what you eat… how you sit… how you lie down… for everything u get stuck at to do or not to do. Likewise when we were planning our one month long vacation home I was very apprehensive as we were to travel almost a thousand Kms by road including some hill journey. Off course in a day we did not travel more than 380Km which was on the best route and we did take good rest and recovery breaks in between.

I took up my journey in the second trimester, I am not sure how rough it would be in the first trimester, but surely it is not something I would have wanted to do. Not that I had any nausea or any other annoying pregnancy symptom, except for lots of fatigue, for which I would really not complain cause I really enjoyed my long… really long nap throughout the first trimester. But yes taking such a long journey is not something one must plan in the first or third trimester, off course third trimester I am yet to experience.

Because of our sweet little doggie we have always traveled by road. And also because we avoided stopover we use to travel even 12 to 14 hours a day. But pregnancy is a completely different story and you realise it only when you get to it. After I spoke to my doctor and checked online about traveling in pregnancy and got a green signal I was not even half prepared for what was to come. Not to scare but to prepare yourself you ought to know and follow certain things. In the first leg of our journey I took it all too casually and was so tired after the journey as if I ran a marathon. But just by following these simple steps i saw how comfortable my travel became. Most of these you will get at other places as well but just to put them together…..

  • Do not, and this I believe is most important, sit with your feet hanging down. I would sit cross legged on the chair or put my feet on the dashbo0ard. In the first part of our journey I was feeling too awkward putting my feet up… have never ever done it before and find it a little rude… dont really know to whom… but that was the reason I got severe swelling in my feet and cramps all over my legs giving me the feeling of having run a marathon. So please take this one seriously and you would be very comfortable.
  • We women have this habit of getting anxious way too much… and especially when the driver is our very dear husband. Getting anxious would not really help and in fact you would get tired even more. So just recline your seat and with your feet up just sit back and relax and enjoy some good music. Looking through the side window is less stressful than to look through the windshield. But off course the husband too needs to ensure his driving does not make you too anxious. Like me maybe you can write down the rules for your hubby before beginning the journey πŸ˜› …. and off course keep reminding him once in a while…. men after all have a short memory πŸ˜‰
  • Some pillows and cushions to support your back should be good. Carry some along even if you do not feel you need them.
  • Carry good amount of drinking water and keep sipping even if you are not very thirsty. With the air conditioner running you would not even realize when dehydration strikes.
  • Take breaks as and when you need them. At least one in about 90 minutes. Since you need to take in lots of fluids you would surely need loo breaks. But do be careful of the hygiene conditions. And whenever you do take a break walk around and stretch yourself.
  • Do carry your stock of healthy refreshments. Some fresh juice or milk shake/ hot milk as per the weather, fresh fruits, etc and yes some chocolates would be good too πŸ˜‰ .Β  It is not very good idea to eat at roadside unless you are sure of freshness, quality and hygiene.Β  Moreover in our case with my doggie we had very few choices, mainly the drive thru that we could eat at.

So with these small things kept in mind, some awesome music and lots of chit chat, after all long road trips are to catch up on like never before… no TV, or any other communication devices which actually hamper communication πŸ˜›

Wish you a very happy Journey!!! πŸ™‚

Pregnancy is not a bed of Roses :P

Yeah neither is life a bed of roses. The ups and downs are just what makes us swing and shout…. sometimes with joy and sometimes in anguish.

My previous post must have surely made it sound like that pregnancy is a beautiful castle I am living in… With due regard to all my love and longing for this beautiful child within, this awesome castle also does have some ghosts…. mostly from the past…. of things that no more are… of the changes big and small…

But somehow our society keeps talking about some maternal instincts… and makes us believe that we women are to smile and endure. And that makes us feel so guilty to complain even teeny weeny.

off course the aches and pains, the physical discomfort is something I would rather not talk about. The books on pregnancy are just full of that…. but what perhaps is not so much elaborated is the life changes it brings. To start with…. unlike the carefree bird you have been suddenly every morsel that goes into your mouth is weighed on the scale of nutrition. And what is worse is that at 33 you yourself are old enough to go berserk on nutrition, but nevertheless your parents who still consider you a 3 yr old would ensure they guide you as much as they can.

I do love that small tummy which has started bulging out…. and yeah I also would love to flaunt it πŸ™‚ but then on some days you look in the mirror and cannot help but miss that old body…. And I have to just tell myself that right now all I can do is love this and love the food…. and yeah eat to my hearts content… Guilt free πŸ™‚

And then the biggest blow comes when all your favourite clothes start giving up on you. Starting with the ones that were clinging and then even the looser ones suddenly start giving up on you…. And suddenly you “really” do not have anything to wear anymore 😦

But then off course it does have a bright side too. Life is not a bed of roses but yes lots of petals here and there…. so you end up shopping for a whole new wardrobe πŸ˜€ And yeah shopping is fun πŸ™‚

Off course that is not the end of the story. But I would rather not scare people off and make myself more guilty of complaining. And these I know are just phases…. The best is yet to be πŸ™‚

And know what… I recently met a mommy with a three month old daughter and listening to her stories…. of endless days and long nights…. I realised the show has just begun, and very soon I shall have many more reasons to walk upside down. The ride has just begun and yeah… I shall sail through with a biggggggggg smile.