You surely…. Took my breath away….

The first view….. breathtaking

 I had always wished to visit the Taj but I never thought I must be missing something, until I really visited. And yes I had visited once in childhood… but I guess I was badly drunk all my childhood as I do not remember anything but the pictures.

You see images of Taj everywhere, postcards, movies, magazines, advertisements, etc, so it was almost like I have already seen it. But that was only until I really saw this wonder of the world. No picture…. can ever justify the beauty of this majestic architectural marvel. The impact it had on me is something I will cherish for my lifetime. Off course I do want to visit once more and that on a full moon night 😀


The beauty of the Taj is undoubtedly breathtaking. The moment we reached the doorway and got the first glimpse…. I have to say I was dumbstruck. Never ever have I seen something so beautiful. The size and magnanimity of Taj…. The white marble…. The beautiful gardens that surround it…. the perfect balance that it has…. The grandeur….. a monument class apart…



I had never in my dreams thought that this would be the kind of effect it would have on me. Such beauty that I would not want to take my eyes off it.

Built by Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his wife Mumtaz, Taj Mahal surely is an epitome of love. But I wonder why he could not have done this while she was still alive. Just imagine if somebody were to do something like this while you are still alive…. How it would completely take you on the eleventh heaven.

I also wonder why is it that we have nothing being built in India that could surpass the beauty of The Taj, with all the technology and what not.

Leave building something more… the city of Agra needs a makeover, lest somebody gets put off even before reaching the destination. We really need to take responsibility towards the beautiful heritage we have inherited. If not build more at least love and preserve what we already have. Taj is in the list of seven wonders, so it is still taken care of but there are many more which are completely ignored and in quite pathetic state.

Anyways… this one is about the beauty of Taj. So I would just end by saying…. if you have not seen Taj you surely have been missing something. And for myself I hope I get to see the moonlit Taj soon….. 🙂