Anna Karenina-Book review

I would like to at the onset make a disclaimer… I am no literary person. This is an epic and yet i take on the task of presenting my views. 

So this book has been on my to be read list since ages… at least 6 years that I remember. I even once got hold of a copy during a vacation. But perhaps the thickness of the book and the distractions of a beautiful place kept me from reading. Having kept the book for almost 2 months I returned it unread. 

And then i enetered phases where i was reading sprituality and then motherhood and parenting books.

This time I came across the book as a free copy on my kindle unlimited. Though eventually i took three months to read it during which my subscription lapsed and i bought a copy to finish it. 

The book undoubtedly has the finesse you expect from such a genius. The language is beautiful. The way it expresses the feelings of the characters you can actually visualise it in your head so clearly. The details to which it goes is awesome. Leave alone the famous quotations from this book, every page is a marvel to read. 

BUT…. it did not eventually go down well with me. Now as the name goes i expected more of Anna in the book. I wanted so much more of her…. to know her more ….. read more about her. The multiple characters in the book kept me from being too engrossed. The name of the book was not justified, it was not even 50% Anna’s story.

Secondly I had always thought of Anna as a strong character….. the book totally failed me on that account. The end she meets with really disappointed me. At so many points in the story i could not help pitying her, which was not what i had expected. 

Nevertheless I would say it was a good book and it did leave a mark…. for it has me still thinking about it one week later…. 


Myra’s 100 book pact – 3

So we had a new books on shelf today. The book love seems a bit fizzled lately. We do read… mornings always start with a reading session. But through the day excitement is not as much. 

The new books on shelf today were…

Book 16/100 Twinkle Twinkle little star… thia is a sound book wiTh the complete verses of twinkle twinkle. It is one beautiful poem. Bought this pre loved on a facebook group. She loves it and there were days she made me read it almost ten times. But then I too love the poem and I loved reading it 🙂 

Book 17/100 Goodnight Moon… we have been reading this book for very long. Being a classic it did not get the response I had though it would. It is not on a favourite list but we do enjoy reading it. I was quite taken abavk when I first received the book. Graphics are so dull and boring! The rhyming is good and that is what caught on I suppose.

Book 18/100 who says woof? .. we love this one. My daughter loves anything to do with animals or animal sounds. I think all children do. 

Book 19/100 vegetables board book… she is learning words in multiples each day. So books like these are favourite. She loves to know the name of everything. 

Book 20/100 Spot my animal friends… this book is a side effect of online shopping. Sadly that is the only way i can get books for my daghter. Nothing great and not recommended at all.

Book 21/100 Naisha at the station…. another from the series

Book 22/100 Remember the magic word…. this book through a very short story emphasises the importance of using please. Though a book cannot anyway teach a child grace and courtesy, it helps reinforce what you teach. My 19 month old already uses please wherever it makes sense to her and we are pleasantly surprised. We set example and encourage her to use words like please and thank you. Cute book!

Book 23/100 Nursery Rhymes… it is a beautiful collection of first nursery rhymes. One of the first books I bought for her we have been reading this for almost a year or more now. She absolutely loves it. Nursery rhymes make awesome activities for little children.

Book 24/100 The Hedgehog Balloon… so far she learnt the name hedgehog from this balloon. And she wants me to name all the colours of the ballons. The story does not yet make sense to her. 

Since most of these books kept her mildly engaged I will change three and bring in three new tonight. 

Hope this was helpful and inspiring! ❤

Fakir… The Journey Continues… by Ruzbeh N. Barucha

This post is a continuation from my reading and review of Fakir Part 1.  Everything that I said about Fakir 1 hold true for this one as well…. but certain additions that I would like to make here… Like I mentioned in my earlier post, Part 2 was the book I initially ordered by mistake but I like to follow sequences, so I had to put this away for a while until I finished part 1. Having read both I feel it would not have made much of a difference, but if you too like me love to go step by step I suggest do not pick this one up before you finish part 1.

off course it took me almost an year to come to part 2,with so many books pulling me constantly and I always get confused which one to start….  when I began the book I did feel bad and realised what a beautiful reading I missed all this while. But then perhaps knowledge has a time to come to the seeker.

Once again a very very beautiful book for someone with a keen interest in spirituality. Teaches you some invaluable lessons on life… and death. Rudra from part 1 dies and he enters the astral world. And in that beautiful space he is once again with his master who teaches him some beautiful life lessons. Teaches him lessons on Karmic cycles and what do they mean, how to come out of the karmic cycles, the purpose of life and how to make your life more meaningful…. The book constantly raises questions and also provides answers…

There is so much I would love to share from this book here but then I feel it would be shaded by my perception of the book. And how much I may try I can never do justice to what this book wants to say.

But yes this book is for you only if you have an iota of belief in life after death, in the cycle of Karma…. in the power of divine, divine grace…. in miracles…. Because otherwise you may find it difficult to digest what you read.

For me I think I have not read something so beautiful and profound. The language is simple and messages so beautiful and meaningful.  Even while I was reading it I wanted to read it all over again. Very very soon I am gonna come back and read part 1 & 2 back to back.

Would love to have discussion on the book or any additional comments in case someone has already read it and if you have not go hurry… grab a copy and get lost in it… 🙂

Fakir by Ruzbeh N. Bharucha…. I recommend :)

I heard about this book first time while I was in Jaipur. I had enrolled for a pranic healing course and our instructor for the course recommended us this book. The kind of book lover I am and plus in my pursuit of spirituality, I immediately made a note of the recommendation. The course got over and then I got busy with certain other things. And one day while buying another book at flipkart, I saw this same book in my suggested readings. Now why I tell you this story is because this book which also talks about divine guidance, connecting with the divine and how to improve your spiritual quotient, I believe came to me through divine guidance itself. That time I ended up ordering instead the sequel – The Journey continues. I am still to read the sequel. Now my greed for books is such that as soon as I hear of a good book I immediately order it ( to my husband’s distress :-P), but it lies in my book shelf for quite some time before I have some time to read it.

So finally when I left Jaipur, and was living with my parents for sometime, I had all the time in the world and I went on an extensive book reading spree. Now again a friend suggested me that I should read “Fakir”. So after finishing what I was reading, I decided to start “Fakir”… finally. But unfortunately…. it was yet not time. I started the book and realized I had the sequel. So now again I had to wait while I placed the order and received the book.

Now this book is a must read if you have a bent towards spirituality. Also if you are someone who wants to know what spirituality is all about, this one is for you. But it would require you to have certain amount of faith, for this book to be able to convey the message to you. It talks about karma, about rebirth and about how we can make the best of this life so that we nullify our karmic account. It also talks about being a channel of the divine and healing the world. The author, I heard is himself a channel of Sai Baba, and all through the book I could feel that divine is himself talking. It seems as if the divine channeled this book through the author. The messages in the book are so simple and yet so profound.

The book also talks about the importance of meditation in our life. It explains the process of meditation and also how we can connect with the divine by meditation. This book is a treat for the soul. It is certain to make your life better if you can follow it even partly. It talks about simple things like… importance of lighting a dia, or an incense stick, power of prayer, forgiveness, etc.

It will surely have an impact on your life. For me I am going to keep this in my bedside collection and read and re-read….. Here I share some very beautiful quotes from the book…..

“Either do what your soul really desires and if you can’t, for whatever reason, then make peace with yourself and accept your present situation, with grace, as the will of the Lord. There is no other way son…”

“Pain is the greatest gift God could give his child, because it is pain that opens the door to compassion and love; and it is only compassion and love for all of creation that opens the doors of paradise and God consciousness.”

“You pray for the right things and God has to grant them to you. Thus pray for strength and wisdom and love and compassion to go through life with grace, humor and positive surrender.  That is the best prayer.”

“I am always by your side, when you think of me. If you want me by your side every moment, then simple think about me every moment.”

The rest I leave for you to read in the book….. you will just love it 🙂

PS: I will soon be back with the review for the sequel to this book…. “Fakir: The Journey Continues”