Three Daughters by Counselo Saah Baehr

A good review followed by the knowledge that it was available on kindle unlimited got me to read this book. I took up kindle unlimited when while looking for some titles I found them for free reading on kindle unlimited. It seemed a very financially viable thing to do. Being a book lover it is rare you look at economics of it. 

Right from the start it was a beautiful book to read. Narrates the life of daughters spanning three generations. The book is slow paced and yet holds your interest. It is absolutely beautiful how the author moves from mother to the life of daughter. 

The setting moves from a tiny village near Jerasulem to America. their is nothing exceptional about the book. But thankfully it is the kind of book you can keep down easily and yet you look forward to reading. 

I cannot say it is a must read but if you do read you won’t regret for sure!


Myra’s 100 books pact – 7

Again back with books on our shelf. Love rotating books as it keeps her interest alive and not having too many at one time ensures she is able to concentrate on the few available. So these were the books on our shelf in the last week. We are in the middle of moving and thus I sometimes get occupied with other things… so though we are reading not as much as we used to. 

But books still top our list of activities for the day. So coming to the books we have been reading…

Book 41/100 Spot’s big book of first words….. bought this one long back looking at her love for another spot book. Where’s spot? I wasn’t very impressed on receiving it but Myra loves it. She loves looking at the pictures naming them and it has been a vreat vocabulary builder for her. 

Book 42/100 Dinosaur Roar…. this book is from my latest loot. Got this on pre loved books group on fb. A cute book to learn opposites. Slightly early for her but yes we do talk about opposites we come across … like hot milk cold milk, small teddy big teddy. 

Book 43/100 Baby says…. a very small board book for small babies mostly. But Myra enjoys this book. Again recent purchase from the same loot. Recommended more for a 6 to 9 month old. Will be used later as well but a good book to start with.

Book 44/100 I’m not cute…. everyone tells the little owl you are cute vut it annoys him. So mom to pacify him says that you aren’t cute and then he starts thinking again. Typical confused toddler. Recent purchase and just read once….. but my 20 month old was listening intently. I do not expect much absorption… but i like it when she takes interest in stories. 

Book 45/100 Ball… a little baby in love with his ball escapes through the main door into the woods. Very cute book where the ball mives from one page to other. Myra loved hiding the ball and then finding it again. Again a recent purchase.

Book 46/100 Puppy’s day out… another of my first purchased books. Been reading it for over a year now. Very short and simple story. But simplicity catches on best with little one’s and thus another favourite.

Book 47/100 Counting kisses… oh I absolutely looove this book. A very beautiful kiss along book. Awesome bedtime read that adds more to kisses and snuggles. We have been reading it for a year now and now that Myra knows most body parts she knows where she is going to get kissed next. She too enjoys being kissed and I love to hear her giggle as she feels tickled. Absolutely must have!

Book 48/ 100 Happy birthday Spot… i love books that are inter related. And Spot series therefore is something  I am always on the lookout for. Just read this a couple of times, but this was the first time she enjoyed it as she is now beginning to take interest in stories. 

Book 49/100 Round and round book…. another from the set of three. No beginning no end and no story… picture book. She loves this one too. Good for sparkinb creativity. It is nice to see her sit with the book and go into the pictures.

So that is what we have been reading lately. We are almost halfway and I am loving this. Hope you find something good here to add to your collection. Need any further inputs please feel free to message. 

Happy reading!

Myra’s 100 book pact -2 

It has been a rough week. Bad ear infection that gave us sleepless nights. She would wake up middle of night and refuse to sleep anymore. I was sleep deprived. she managed to make up with little sleep here and there. But she did not feel the usual chirpy chirpy. Anyways, the week is over and we are much better. We made up for lost sleep.

Reading was not as usual as the whole routine was upside down. Nevertheless we did read  🙂

So here is what we have been reading lately 🙂 Mr brown can moo again was out on our shelf this week but I will skip it in my list here. It is one favourite so i just let it be again in the new rotation.And Poky little puppy just seem to have been left behind 🙂

Book 10/100 where is Amma… A book where a little boy is looking for his mother (amma). He looks all around and then finding her slippers outside the fridge thinks she is inside finishing up all food. It is cute and funny and Myra enjoys it. Will be enjoyed more i think once she is older and understands the story better.

Book 11/100 How big is a Pig… Bought this on a group that sells pre-loved books. We absolutely love it. Also very good to learn some opposites. Simple and beautiful illustrations. Rhyming words make it even more interesting to read. Good to buy this one!

Book 12/100 Naisha at the Fair… another one from the Naisha series. In case I missed out earlier, this is a set of 9 books.

Book 13/100 Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?… It is not without reason that this is a classic. A very simple book that talks about different animals. This is an awesome early read book. You may start this as soon as you start reading to your little one. Even a 10 month old would love this one. Myra absolutely loves it and we have many “once more” happening here 🙂

Book 14/100 Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs… Another Sandra Boynton classic. I think her books are popular among kids for their rhyming, simple words. Myra has no idea what are dinosaurs and yet she loves this one. Very simple illustrations, again talks about opposites and also some colours. I surely recommend this one.

Book 14/100 The very busy spider… A spider who is totally engrossed in the web that she is weaving. All animals come and talk to her she hears none, so busy she is. Helps children learn animal sounds. Myra knows them all and today she was sitting with our the lady who cooks for us, flipping pages and telling her what each animal says. And yes she also says “no” meaning that the spider did not hear 😛 Again a favourite and highly recommended!

Book 15/100 Daddy Kisses… Bought this for Myra on father’s day. Ideally this is for daddy and daughter to share. The book has different animal daddies with their little ones. How each one kisses their baby. And in the end a father kissing his child. It is yet to grow on us… But had good reviews online hence bought 🙂

That was for this week. I hope this helps someone looking to buy books and also inspires you to read to your child. Reading is indeed our favourite time together 🙂

Will be back soon with more !

Montessori from Start…. book review


Montessori from start is perhaps one of the most read book by those who are new to montessori. This in fact is the first book that I read about montessori.

Firstly I would say that whether or not you wish to follow the montessori method this book is an awesome read for any parent to make their child independent and fill them up with confidence. I was referred this book by a facebook friend on a group. Since my daughter was already 1.5 yrs I was very apprehensive whether to read or not. But following her advice I decided to read.

I so wish I had known about the book while I was pregnant. Such beautiful advice for a new mother. But even at 18 months this book was full of advice for me. It helped me understand my daughter so well. And understanding your child makes so much of  difference. It makes you better equipped. Especially as we enter the terrific two’s which is the age of exploration for a little one we must know his needs so we can fulfill them.

Montessori is a beautiful world. What Maria Montessori evolved so many years back holds so true even today.

The child is so eager to learn. We must not treat them like a doll or become servants to them. become a teacher to them and empower them. Practical Life skills are so very important. And when a child is able to do things on their own they feel such a strong sense of accomplishment. What may be small things for us are such big things for them.I see my daughter struggling with her shoes and such a sense of achievement in her eyes when she puts them on by herself.

She loves to carry her food tray to the kitchen after finishing her meal. Or even carry my cup of tea.

Make them a part of daily activities… like loading the washing machine… fixing meals, cleaning.

Make the most of their sensitive periods. Like the sensitive period of order…. my little girl will put my slipper back in place if it is not lying properly. every book (most of times) goes back to its shelf… before each meal we put the room right and it is so easy with her help.

These are just few of the things i have learnt in this book.

This is a must read for every new mom and ideally read it during your pregnancy so you can prepare an appropriate montessori environment for your little one.

My Child won’t Eat-book review


I never had a doubt that my little girl would be a good eater, but somehow I was just compelled to read this book and I am so glad that I did. Do not go by the name for this book surely is not just for mommies whose kids do not eat…. this is a must read for every new mommy.

This book tells you to trust your child with food. Let them decide what and how much to eat. Fooling them to make them eat is not the right approach. Of course I am not the kind of person who could have shown her monkey or a parrot to make her eat.

Like you would know from my previous post I followed the blw way…. well almost. I helped her eat things like curd and curries which she could not manage on her own. She did handle the preloaded spoons but sometimes she just preferred me feeding her. But even when the spoon was in my hand she decided whether to open her mouth or not.

Now blw makes you lose confidence every now and then and that is what this book addressed. The book also is very useful to a new mom breastfeeding her little one… am I making enough milk?  Is my baby getting satisfied? Why does my baby keep feeding all the while? Or why does he feed for such a short while? Why is he not gaining more weight? These are the various questions that worry a new mom and are answered in this book.

Mom’s are also often very worried about weight (them not loosing enough and baby not gaining enough). The second one is again very well addressed in this awesome book.

No matter how well your baby eats there will be days sometimes running into weeks… when they won’t. There are some days when she eats very very well and sometimes diet reduces to half. So no matter how well your child eats there are times you may fret and worry. Read this and perhaps you may never worry.

Now when she does not eat I just gear myself up as I know we might have a longer feeding session.

This one is a must read and perhaps you can read it pre delivery for all the breastfeeding related advice.

Sita…. by Devdutt Patanaik

Ended up buying this book while I was looking for another book by the same author. The reason the book pulled me was the name…. “Sita”. One thing that has always troubled me in the famous epic of Ramayana is that in the end, after fighting a war and all the pain and trouble that Sita herself goes through by walking through the jungles with Ram on his exile, for a long period of 14 years is that she is separated from her husband. Why and what is the deeper meaning behind the whole act was something I always wanted to know. The excerpt from the book, made me feel that somehow this book shall be able to answer my query. And hence….

First why I liked the book…. An excellent retelling of the ramayana. The author has been perhaps very very thorough in his research on the famous epic. Ramayna has been narrated by various people over time accross history. The author throws light on the various retelling s of Ramayana and across the book at every point he brings out the differences between the various versions.

The story of Ramayana is perhaps known to every child from my generation. In our growing up years it was a major television series, which was followed by more or less everyone I know of. Also the stories from Ramayana are something we have heard from childhood… from grandparents, parents, in story books, text books and various other places. Inspite of being such an old and often repeated story…. the book was very engrossing all through. The narrative is simple. Each episode is very beautifully explained giving a background detail as well.

Another thought that occured to me while reading the book… it has been classified as Mythology… which has the root word as myth…. So that makes me wonder are these stories myths or reality. Did this really happen years ago… The kind of miracles  that entire Ramayana is composed of, the creatures that it talks about are no less than the ones we come across in a fairy tale… So is it just a fiction coming from the mind of perhaps a learned person or did the happening actually take place and were narrated years later by the famous sage Valmiki. Perhaps it is just a matter of faith… Like god is not seen but still we have such strong beleif in this unseen power… beleif in divine intervention… and yes even in the present miracles do happen… maybe the magnitude is not as much…. and only someone who has been blessed by a miracle can know….

Inspite of all the questions that come to me… in my heart I know I shall always beleive in this epic and the characters therein. What is engraved on wet cement stays forever… similary what the young mind is made to beleive will always hold their faith. So inspite of the magical quality of the story, and grand magic it seems like, I yet feel that there must have been a time many many years ago when the god himself stepped on earth and brought about a change, eliminating the Rakshas. (and perhaps its time for him to come again )

So does the book give me the answer I was looking for? Yes, but and a big “BUT”…. it did not satisfy me. Ram is a god as per our culture and god must never be unjust… And what he did was perhaps as a king to strengthen the trust of his people. But having known himself of the purity and sanctity of Sita was it not more important for him to have stood by his wife, to show his people how important it is also to lay trust.  By his actions maybe he proved to be a very good king but he surely failed to be a good husband. She was abandoned in her pregnancy and left in the middle of the jungle to fend for herself…. The woman who left all the comforts of a palace and moved around in jungles with him, without a complain, was not given due justice by her husband.

But then at the same time he never remarried, when he could have easily done so as a duty to get a queen and heir to the kingdom. It was an equal suffering for him to have been separated from the woman he loved. The book talks of him building a statue of Sita in gold (signifying her purity) and placing it next to his throne. So though the book gives me the answer it still does not justify how he treated his wife. The book explains it as Karmic circle. Perhaps the only thing that makes my mind not to question anymore…

Also I loved the attitude it portrays of Sita even after she is left in the jungle. It does not falter her love for her husband and she completely respects and understands his decision. At various points there is much to learn from Ramayana and the characters. And this book brings out the learning very well.

I surely do recommend this book to anybody with interest in mythology.

The Fault in Our stars… By John Green

To start with how I got to reading this book… Ever since I have been pregnant I have gone about watching every movie that is being screened in a theater nearby. Have this application on my mobile…. called book my show…  and check it every Friday for new releases.  So one week I found the movie inspired by this book and was in love with the trailer. So I asked my hubby, but knowing his taste also knew what a torture a romantic sad story would be to him, and thus gave him the offer of rather buying me the book. My constant purchase of books off course is never approved of by my hubby (perhaps only a book lover can understand), but for once he jumped at the proposal…. which according to him would be a much cheaper alternative (off course I very well knew the monetary aspect was just a good justification :P).

And thus thanks to the awesome online bookstores the book was in my hand in two days. And after a very long time a book did not get much time to rest on my book shelf.

It was after a long time I got to reading a fiction. Since wisdom did not come in the form of a tooth or otherwise, so I thought perhaps books shall help somehow, so I generally am more inclined towards non fiction.  Yes have been reading Ruskin Bond but that as per me is not pure fiction.  And like any good fiction this one took me just four days to get over with. Had I been reading this book sometime before I got married I would have been even faster… perhaps 2 at the most. Not bragging about my speed at all but how captivating the story is.

The book gives such an insight into the mind of cancer patients. The two lead characters are terminally ill and the author has so well captured the feelings for someone who sees a dead end. I would not say I could relate completely, cause one can never unless one goes through it… All we can do is perhaps empathize. Have always heard and known about the pain of cancer patients and the ones related to them. But the beauty of reading a book is that it makes you experience it all. You actually go about leading the lives of the characters while the book lasts and for some time after as well. And when the book is as emotionally capturing as this one it leaves a lasting effect.

It is a beautifully woven love story between these two cancer patients. And it offers you a beautiful cocktail of … laughter, tears, goose bumps, giggles and that warm feeling when you read a beautiful romance and yes suspense. You cannot guess what would happen next, and anyways I generally don’t even try. A very fast paced book and will not make you feel at any point that it has been dragging too much.

Loved it thoroughly. And would recommend it to anyone who is a romantic at heart and also an extreme emotional person.

Happy Reading!!

PS Now that I am done with the book…. I think I will get my hands on the DVD as well 😛