Myra’s 100 books pact – 7

Again back with books on our shelf. Love rotating books as it keeps her interest alive and not having too many at one time ensures she is able to concentrate on the few available. So these were the books on our shelf in the last week. We are in the middle of moving and thus I sometimes get occupied with other things… so though we are reading not as much as we used to. 

But books still top our list of activities for the day. So coming to the books we have been reading…

Book 41/100 Spot’s big book of first words….. bought this one long back looking at her love for another spot book. Where’s spot? I wasn’t very impressed on receiving it but Myra loves it. She loves looking at the pictures naming them and it has been a vreat vocabulary builder for her. 

Book 42/100 Dinosaur Roar…. this book is from my latest loot. Got this on pre loved books group on fb. A cute book to learn opposites. Slightly early for her but yes we do talk about opposites we come across … like hot milk cold milk, small teddy big teddy. 

Book 43/100 Baby says…. a very small board book for small babies mostly. But Myra enjoys this book. Again recent purchase from the same loot. Recommended more for a 6 to 9 month old. Will be used later as well but a good book to start with.

Book 44/100 I’m not cute…. everyone tells the little owl you are cute vut it annoys him. So mom to pacify him says that you aren’t cute and then he starts thinking again. Typical confused toddler. Recent purchase and just read once….. but my 20 month old was listening intently. I do not expect much absorption… but i like it when she takes interest in stories. 

Book 45/100 Ball… a little baby in love with his ball escapes through the main door into the woods. Very cute book where the ball mives from one page to other. Myra loved hiding the ball and then finding it again. Again a recent purchase.

Book 46/100 Puppy’s day out… another of my first purchased books. Been reading it for over a year now. Very short and simple story. But simplicity catches on best with little one’s and thus another favourite.

Book 47/100 Counting kisses… oh I absolutely looove this book. A very beautiful kiss along book. Awesome bedtime read that adds more to kisses and snuggles. We have been reading it for a year now and now that Myra knows most body parts she knows where she is going to get kissed next. She too enjoys being kissed and I love to hear her giggle as she feels tickled. Absolutely must have!

Book 48/ 100 Happy birthday Spot… i love books that are inter related. And Spot series therefore is something  I am always on the lookout for. Just read this a couple of times, but this was the first time she enjoyed it as she is now beginning to take interest in stories. 

Book 49/100 Round and round book…. another from the set of three. No beginning no end and no story… picture book. She loves this one too. Good for sparkinb creativity. It is nice to see her sit with the book and go into the pictures.

So that is what we have been reading lately. We are almost halfway and I am loving this. Hope you find something good here to add to your collection. Need any further inputs please feel free to message. 

Happy reading!


Myra’s 100 book pact – 5

Most books here are repeats. Kids love repitition and it makes complete sense to present to her what is her favourite

Book 30/100 perfect pets… bought this book because she loves animals. It is a beautiful touch and feel book and has been a favourite ever since we have been reading it. What i like best is the texture of tongue of the cat. Cat’s tongue is very rough and that is exactly how it feels in this book. Great for young babies too.

Boom 31/100 Naisha at the market… from the naisha series. We lov them!

Book 32/100 vegetables board book… self explanatory name. I too love this as I too learnt the English names for some vegetables for which I only knew the hindi names. A reminder how parenting is also making me grow. 

Book 33/100 little miss sunshine… a tiny board book. Love the little miss series. Good to carry on short trips too. 

Book 34/100 Animal action… this book i got as a free gift from the lady who sells pre loved book. It is an awesome book where some parts of the animal move. Many of these are broken and perhaps that is why it was given as a free book. Nevertheless we love it! 

That is all for now πŸ˜€

Will be back soon with more books from our reading shelf! 

Myra ‘ s 100 book pact -4

A week ran by… i was not my ususal self. Not every day is full of sparks. I was little lost so books were not changed and we just read what was around… also grumpy mood leads to shopping… and in my case online shopping. So since we love books i heavilly shopped books and am very eagerly awaiting my loot πŸ˜…

The books last week were 

Book 24/100 farm hullaballo.. a sound book. Bought it moatly because of the sound. She loves to play the sounds and repeat them. Of late we also started reading a bit. And when we talk of things happening on the farm she has that lost look on her face… deep in thoughtsπŸ€”. Take this out often on our book rotations.

Book 25/100 Say hello to the snowy animals… a very simple cute book with arctic animals. On each page we say hello to the animal and talk about what they are doing. We also shake hands. I think it is the effect of these books that when we go out she sometimes does say hello… or at least bye as by then she is more comfortable.

Book 26/ 100 Fruits… she absolutely loves this book. We have been reading this book for a year now and as a result of having gone through different seasons and having experienced each of these she identifies them and can name them. And yes she loves fruits so that is another reason why she likes this book so much

Book 27/ 100 Ears…. very simple short book. Bought pre loved and not recommended at all. She does look at the pictures sometimes but not much. 

Book 28/100 Naisha at the toy shop… another one from the nine book series. These have really enhanced her vocabulary. We call the little girl Myra so she likes to do what Myra is upto in the book. I generally always have one of these out on the shelf.

Book 29/ 100 Round and round book… this book is a part of pack of three books which are called round and round books. It has no beginning and no end and no story given. It is just pictures and you narrate your own story. She loves this book. Looks at it and loves to hear what i have to say. I am waiting for the day she will come up with her stories 😁

Hope this helps and inspires.

Happy reading untill next time! πŸ’–

Myra’s 100 book pact – 3

So we had a new books on shelf today. The book love seems a bit fizzled lately. We do read… mornings always start with a reading session. But through the day excitement is not as much. 

The new books on shelf today were…

Book 16/100 Twinkle Twinkle little star… thia is a sound book wiTh the complete verses of twinkle twinkle. It is one beautiful poem. Bought this pre loved on a facebook group. She loves it and there were days she made me read it almost ten times. But then I too love the poem and I loved reading it πŸ™‚ 

Book 17/100 Goodnight Moon… we have been reading this book for very long. Being a classic it did not get the response I had though it would. It is not on a favourite list but we do enjoy reading it. I was quite taken abavk when I first received the book. Graphics are so dull and boring! The rhyming is good and that is what caught on I suppose.

Book 18/100 who says woof? .. we love this one. My daughter loves anything to do with animals or animal sounds. I think all children do. 

Book 19/100 vegetables board book… she is learning words in multiples each day. So books like these are favourite. She loves to know the name of everything. 

Book 20/100 Spot my animal friends… this book is a side effect of online shopping. Sadly that is the only way i can get books for my daghter. Nothing great and not recommended at all.

Book 21/100 Naisha at the station…. another from the series

Book 22/100 Remember the magic word…. this book through a very short story emphasises the importance of using please. Though a book cannot anyway teach a child grace and courtesy, it helps reinforce what you teach. My 19 month old already uses please wherever it makes sense to her and we are pleasantly surprised. We set example and encourage her to use words like please and thank you. Cute book!

Book 23/100 Nursery Rhymes… it is a beautiful collection of first nursery rhymes. One of the first books I bought for her we have been reading this for almost a year or more now. She absolutely loves it. Nursery rhymes make awesome activities for little children.

Book 24/100 The Hedgehog Balloon… so far she learnt the name hedgehog from this balloon. And she wants me to name all the colours of the ballons. The story does not yet make sense to her. 

Since most of these books kept her mildly engaged I will change three and bring in three new tonight. 

Hope this was helpful and inspiring! ❀

Myra’s 100 book pact -2Β 

It has been a rough week. Bad ear infection that gave us sleepless nights. She would wake up middle of night and refuse to sleep anymore. I was sleep deprived. she managed to make up with little sleep here and there. But she did not feel the usual chirpy chirpy. Anyways, the week is over and we are much better. We made up for lost sleep.

Reading was not as usual as the whole routine was upside down. Nevertheless we did read Β πŸ™‚

So here is what we have been reading lately πŸ™‚ Mr brown can moo again was out on our shelf this week but I will skip it in my list here. It is one favourite so i just let it be again in the new rotation.And Poky little puppy just seem to have been left behind πŸ™‚

Book 10/100 where is Amma… A book where a little boy is looking for his mother (amma). He looks all around and then finding her slippers outside the fridge thinks she is inside finishing up all food. It is cute and funny and Myra enjoys it. Will be enjoyed more i think once she is older and understands the story better.

Book 11/100 How big is a Pig… Bought this on a group that sells pre-loved books. We absolutely love it. Also very good to learn some opposites. Simple and beautiful illustrations. Rhyming words make it even more interesting to read. Good to buy this one!

Book 12/100 Naisha at the Fair… another one from the Naisha series. In case I missed out earlier, this is a set of 9 books.

Book 13/100 Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?… It is not without reason that this is a classic. A very simple book that talks about different animals. This is an awesome early read book. You may start this as soon as you start reading to your little one. Even a 10 month old would love this one. Myra absolutely loves it and we have many “once more” happening here πŸ™‚

Book 14/100 Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs… Another Sandra Boynton classic. I think her books are popular among kids for their rhyming, simple words. Myra has no idea what are dinosaurs and yet she loves this one. Very simple illustrations, again talks about opposites and also some colours. I surely recommend this one.

Book 14/100 The very busy spider… A spider who is totally engrossed in the web that she is weaving. All animals come and talk to her she hears none, so busy she is. Helps children learn animal sounds. Myra knows them all and today she was sitting with our the lady who cooks for us, flipping pages and telling her what each animal says. And yes she also says “no” meaning that the spider did not hear πŸ˜› Again a favourite and highly recommended!

Book 15/100 Daddy Kisses… Bought this for Myra on father’s day. Ideally this is for daddy and daughter to share. The book has different animal daddies with their little ones. How each one kisses their baby. And in the end a father kissing his child. It is yet to grow on us… But had good reviews online hence bought πŸ™‚

That was for this week. I hope this helps someone looking to buy books and also inspires you to read to your child. Reading is indeed our favourite time together πŸ™‚

Will be back soon with more !

Myra’s 100 Books Pact

It makes me very happy to see my passion for books reflect in Myra. She absolutely loves her books and we have multiple reading sessions through the day. I have a good collection for her (never bothered to count ). I rotate the books every other day or third day sometimes. The first thing after she wakes up and has visited the potty is to come and see what is on her reading shelf! And some books actually make her sp happy that she will shake her bum just to see them. So obviously we start the day with reading, one session post breakfast while i relish my tea, one after lunch and one after dinner. And many a times one or two books somewhere here and there.

So the aim of this pact is not toΒ bring reading into our routine. I am just looking at sort of penning down what we are reading and share my reviews on the books that we have. And yes it will give me a good excuse buy some more πŸ˜‰

So the first nine books from the pact are these:


Book 1/100 Flutterfly… a beautiful book which has no words. all black and white except for the butterfly that moves from one place to another on each page. Every time we read this I build my own story. Myra loves my funny versions. She loves this book. She loves to follow the butterfly or to watch the baby sleep with all butterflies on his pillow.

Book 2/100 Carry me Mama…. another book by an Indian author.This one has hindi subtitles too. It talks about how different animals carry their babies and also show a mom and dad carrying a little child. Myra has not shown much interest in this one yet. Though I like it πŸ™‚ Maybe she will understand this better next year. As of now there is only one mama and she does not understand completely that everyone has a mama πŸ˜›

Book 3/100 Pyjama Time…. This is top of our current favourite list. Sandra Boynton books have beautiful rhyming which makes them interesting to little children. This one is almost like a song. But this certainly does not do the work a bedtime book ought to do. in fact this gets her all excited. It is almost like a pyjama party. Every time we pick this up it is repeated at least 4 to 5 times… and sometimes even more. Toddler’s love repetition!

Book 4/100 The Poky little puppy… Given her love for dogs and mine too I just bought this off Amazon. Nothing great but not bad either. She surely does flip through it when I take it out in a long time. It has too much of story so I just cut it short and mostly we leave it halfway.

Book 5/100 Hello, Goodbye… A very cute bear who comes and says hello to everyone and then it starts raining and its time for goodbye. She loves this book. Simplicity is what catches on a toddler I feel. This is one of the simplest books we have and she started enjoying this very early on. Also whenever we go out and she does not say hello I try and bring up this book and then she is all geared up to say hello. So also a good little learning here!

Book 6/100 Mr Brown Can Moo Can you? Dr Seuss books need no introduction i think they are favourite across ages. She only started enjoying it recently but me and hubby loved this since day 1. But now this is on her favourite list too. And it is excellent for talking about sounds that things make.

Book 7/100 Naisha at the Farm… this is a series of 9 books. Good for vocabulary building. Each book talks about one place visited… circus, market, Mall etc. The child can also connect with each place later on. We love these too again for their simplicity and they are great vocabulary builder. She is in her sensitive period for language so she loves to point to each picture and asks me to name it.

Book 8/100 Moo Baa La La La…. again an awesome book by Sandra Boynton. This is one we have been reading for almost a year now. And trust me I know this one by heart. It is an awesome book and Myra loved this one almost from start. Even now she loves it and now she too can repeat the sounds with the book πŸ™‚

Book 9/100 the Very Hungry Caterpillar…. This is a classic but did not go very well with us. I personally too do not find the pictures very attractive. Β A little bit of voice modulation did create some interest and so did all the food that the little caterpillar ate. Plan to do some activities based on this one once she is a little older… maybe then it will be of more interest.

So this is what we have on our shelf… for today and tomorrow. i will be back in another post with more books and more reviews. Hope this helps you choose books.

Would love to hear from you and know what you love to read ❀